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Pornstars that like to be the boss when its time to film and fuck!

The so-called dominant Pornstars, femdom or what ever you want to call it, it is actually a very popular categories among porn lovers, many the porn fans will sit down and watch these kind of bizarre porn videos, where a woman will dress up all in letter and us a whip or other kind of weapons (LOL) to sodomize or submit the men.

girl pimps pornstars

So, how many are there of these dominant porn models? There is little to no on the numbers, simply because many off the regular pornstars will do this kind of thing if requested and therefore like I said it is absolutely impossible to know how many of them are around the country.

To be honest this is not a category all porn that I actually like to watch, however once I was in the studios at CherryPimps.com where they were broadcasting a live porn show starring a dominant pornstar and I actually found it quite fun to watch, usually it’s the guy that will take care of the pornstar and all she will have to do is spread her legs, not in this case, they are the ones in control and they tell the guy how they like to be fucked.

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