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Fucking With Her Pants On

Stacy looked way too innocent for Jack, but her cleavage gave it away… She was going to a fun one!

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When he pulled down her pants and saw her tight little ass… He knew exactly how he wanted to fuck her… From behind. She had such a perfect ass there was no other way to fuck her without feeling guilty!

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She quickly sucked him off

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And she got fucked hard from behind with his huge cock, doggie style – all without having to take off his pants!

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Horny Pizza Delivery

When Clark got the order for a Big Sausage Pizza he knew exactly what it meant – Some hot honry housewife wanted more than just extra sausage on her pie! Clark, a well hung young man with dashing good looks was the perfect driver to fill this order!

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It turned out he was delivering to Brandi’s house. He’s never met her but he heard about her from the other drivers. She was a stunning little knock out, married, and very bored during the day. Whenever she got hungry or honry – or both which happened more often than not – she called up and ordered some Big Sausage Pizza!

Clark came in and she told him to go up to the bedroom so she could get her purse. He sat down on the bed and when Brandi opened up the Big Sausage Pizza she got exactly what she ordered – with extra trimmings!

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Brandi got down on her knees and started sucking on Clark’s cock while it was still in pizza box!

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It turns out that Brandi knows how to handle a cock with extra trimmings!

Clark had heard from Joe that Brandi liked it from behind and liked to be spanked while getting rammed. Clark loved to spank chicks while he’s boning them from behind so this worked out perfect for him!

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Brandi knows exactly who to call when she needs some loving and some Big Sausage Pizza with the extra trimmings!

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