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Sitting On Vibrator

After masturbating in every possible position, it’s time to get creative… This slut decided she wanted to see on her vibrator, her best friend in times of need… When no one was around to fuck her, she still had her little vibrator…

But she wasn’t afraid to hurt it!

She put the vibrator down on the steps, and then carefully sat on it….

riding dildo

Until she was fucking her vibrator without using her hands! This was a new way for this slut to get off!

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Brooke Bell’s Sexy Vibrator

When Brooke Bell wants to get off, no one is going to tell her no… Not when she can slip into a side room, quickly strip off her clothes, and start fucking herself with her own little pocket rocket she brought along… Just in case no one was interested in taking care of her needs!

What long legs Brooke Bell has… And leads right up to her pussy, that is now full of fake dick!

Brooke Belle masturbating slut2

This big breasted blonde slut can’t wait to get off!

Teen Brianna

Some teen chicks are just always horny. Once they figure out how big an orgasm can be, they become slaves to getting off – which means they love to fuck, but also that they love to masturbate!

Brianna here loves to masturbate… She loves her trusty little vibrator more than anything else!

hot blonde teen

Buck naked, on the couch, legs spread… That’s how she likes to spend her free time!

With the vibrator turned on high!

Faye Regan Vibrator Fuck

Faye Regan is one of those teen pornstars with a huge all natural rack that all men like to fuck. Red heads are always hot, always kinky, and this big breasted red head never says no…

This time she was caught red handed fucking herself silly in her bed with a little red vibrator… Turned on high!

faye regan masturbates

The best part about watching Faye Regan fuck herself… Is that her breasts jiggle around when she fucks herself!

Teen Sexy Toy Masturbation

Gina needed to get off in a bad way and in a hurry… And when she was in a hurry to masturbate she had her favorite sex toy, a little pocket rocket with a bigger switch for her to control the speed with… With one hand she worked it on her pussy, and another hand she controlled the speed…

From the look on her face she’s going to be getting off sooner instead of later!

hot teen oh face

That’s one hell of a sexy teen “oh face” if we’ve ever seen one!

Ball Gag Masturbation

Sometimes sex can be so odd…. Melinda loved getting off and was always looking for a new way to get her off. She had a huge glass dildo but that was getting old… So she got dressed up in her fishnet stockings, her favorite gangster hat, and tried on a ball gag… Then she fucked herself with her glass dildo in the oddest position she could think of!

Much to her surprise it worked!

ball gag

She fucked herself with her glass dildo with her legs up in the air and got off quickly with a massive orgasm!

Stair Case Masturbation

This might be the hottest thing we’ve seen on the Cherry Pimps websiteCody Lane on a stair case naked wearing only red high heels, ass up face down, with a vibrator in her pussy…

If this is how this hot porn chick masturbates, just imagine what she likes to do when she’s fucking! Cody Lane must be one hell of a super sexy hot fuck!

Cody Lane vibrator fuck staircase

Makes you wonder if this porn slut likes fucking on a stair case like this!

Sexy Roommate Wanted

Suzie and Beth needed a new room mate. They wanted someone special who share their special interests – including walking around the house buck ass naked! So it was back to the basics – Girls Hunting Girls!

One of the girls who answered their ad was Amanda, a cute chick with dark hair and precious little breasts. They met at a local mall for the interivew and hit it off quickly.

sexy roommate wanted1

They quickly decided Amanda would be perfect for room mate and brought her back to their place to try her out.

sexy roommate wanted2

sexy roommate wanted3

Clearly Amanda wasn’t the shy type!

sexy roommate wanted4

Well, the Girls Hunting Girls worked out well when looking for a new room mate. We hope to have an update from them in about a month or so!

Carrie’s First Threesome

Got to love Girls Hunting Girls!!!

Shelly and Amy went out on a mission – to hunt down another woman for them to have romp with. They found Carrie in a parking not far from their house. Carrie was a cutie with a tight little body – and nice perky breasts!

shelly lesbians girls girls1

Carrie was new to the area and was looking to meet friends and had no obections going back to their place. Up in the mini van Carrie went!

shelly lesbians girls girls2

Soon after they pulled out of the parking lot the conversation in the back seat turned to their bodies – and a wild game of show and tell.

shelly lesbians girls girls3

Carrie confessed she had never been with a woman before but that she had always wanted to. Amy and Shelly were all ears and and quickly talked her into stripping down for a much wilder game of show and tell!

shelly lesbians girls girls4

Shelly, being the sexy blonde lesbian she is, quickly pulled out the vibrators and went to town on Carrie!

shelly lesbians girls girls5

This was Carrie’s first time with another woman – and her first threesome also. She had one wild ride.

Yes, we love Girls Hunting Girls. It might just be our all time favorite site!

Lesbians With Sex Toys

Now would wouldn’t want to pimp these two teen sluts out? Even if they are lesbians, lesbians are oh so much fun to watch! We can watch them kiss all day long!

Looks like these two teen lesbians are lucking lips and they aren’t about to stop for anything… .

hot lesbian teens1

Unless blondie mentions she’s got sex toys! A real lesbian can’t take a cock inside of her snatch, but she can take a huge fucking dildo up inside of her!

First they have to lube up the sex toys!

hot lesbian teens2

Then they’ll be fucking each other’s brains out!