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Asian Sensation

When I’m having a tough day and I don’t like the work I do a video like this reminds me why I actually love my job! Writing about this hot shit all day ROCKS!

Bikini Cruise

The the girls have been boozed up enough Captain Stabbing moves in for the kill. He talks about the beach, the weather, and how the sun is hiting their firm bikini clad bodies. He talks about sex, and starts to encourage the girls to kiss each other… In their drunken state they seem to be all for it.

tiffanys boat cruise5

tiffanys boat cruise6

Once the kissing begins it’s all downhill for the girls. Half naked in their bikinis and drunk, kissing each other, the get horn and decide to go for broke with Captain Stabbing

tiffanys boat cruise7

Another winner for Captain Stabbing and his boys!

Milf Hunter

The Milf Hunter is well known for his antics and going out and hunting down hot MILFs in his home town. It’s a reality based sport for him.

He went out hunting the other afternoon and ended up at a local strip mall where he met Mandi who was all legs and boobs. She was married and was planning a party for her husband’s friends and just wasn’t into it. The Milf Hunter listen to her complain about it.

mandi milf hunter1

The Milf Hunter – who has balls the size of Texas – asked how her husband was in bed and Mandi wasn’t too thrilled about his recent performance. He told her she should try him a little bit, and off they were to his place for some one on one time!

mandi milf hunter2

mandi milf hunter3

Turn out Mandi has been around the block a few times and nows how to please a man. Her blow jobs were second to none, and the Milf Hunter has been blown by MILFs plenty of times. After talking bad about her husband she knew she would have to prove her worth….

mandi milf hunter4

He fucked the living daylights of her and got her off in a way her husband never had befor!

mandi milf hunter5

Wonder if Mandi will be back for more with the Milf Hunter – or will he invest his time hunting down the next MILF?

Jody in the VIP

This little cutie Jody wants into the VIP. She had the styling ride on the way and killer legs… but….

jody vip lounge lizard1

You need more than blonde hair and killer legs to get In The VIP!!!!

So she spends most of her night drinking and flashing everyone her yellow panties while dacing on the couch…..

Okay, good enough. Come on in.


jody vip lounge lizard2

Better bring your slutty friend. Your gonna need her In The VIP!!!

jody vip lounge lizard3

Jessica Casting Couch Whore

Jessica has paid her dues in Hollywood. She’s slept with nearly ever producer and agent in town, but still that one role that would define her entire career continued to elude her. In a fit of desperation she started dressing up like a slut hoping to get someone’s attention… And still she continued to sleep with everyone and anyone in the movie making business!

She was ready for the casting couch each and every time!

jessica sucks cock blindfolded9

This time his name was Matt; He told her he was a big producer for a big studio and was in the process of hiring for his latest movie. She knew the drill, strip down, suck him off, fuck him, and then wait for the phone call that would change her life…

At least she was really good at sucking cock!

jessica sucks cock blindfolded11

She was good at sucking cock and fucking it… And everything else that popped up that night! She sat on top of his cock and let him inside of her like it was the most natural thing in the world… And Jessica rode his cock like he wouldn’t believe!

jessica sucks cock blindfolded12

Mike Fucks Michelle

When Mike met Michelle he knew he had stumbled onto something special. She was pissy and in a bad mood; Her landlord had kicked her out without warning and she had suddenly found herself homeless. She was really mad and sucking down on her cigarette while Mike was trying to assure her it was all going to be okay – She could spend the night at his place.

And he wanted this hot perky blonde to spend the night for sure! She was tight in all of the right places!

michelle sucks cock2

Sure enough once he got this piece of ass back to his house, this blonde bombshell was ready to tear into his cock and suck him off!

michelle sucks cock3

Not only that, she liked to be fucked from behind – Mike’s favorite position! He loved slamming his cock home inside of her tight little pussy!

michelle sucks cock4

Jump In The Shower

Alexis just finished cooking a very big meal for her man.He was due any second now and she was very excited because she was horny to have some hot fucking sex with him.She just couldnt wait to arrive and have him have his hands all over her sexy body.She began to undress in the office and fantasizing all the great sexy things he was going to do to her with his cock.


She got naked as she rubbed her hands all over her body.She used her fingers to pinch on her nipples as she tugged and played with them nicely.She loved the way that her nipples were getting erect and stiff but more than that she knew his cock would touch the ends of her nipples and make them go crazy.


She jumped in the shower to lather her hot body up and get herself nice and clean before he arrived. She used her hands and began to finger herself thinking of all the sexy things that he would do to her soon.


Blonde Teen Sleep Over

Candy and Lorie were two best friends that wanted dto experiment wit their bodies and see if they were really meant to be secret lesbian lovers.They rented a hotel room where they went to hang out and take some very sexy and fun pictures of each other having some fun.They snapped away and forgot about all their problems as they had some fun.


They slowly began to get close to each other and get undressed by pulling each others clothes off of their sexy teen bodies.Pretty soon they were also rubbing each other all over and getting their bodies nice and sexy.


They were making out and getting naked and they both knew that they were made for each other to be some secret sexual lovers to each other.


Wild At The Grill

Lori and Stephanie went to a local frat party grill where the drinks were stiff as well as the cocks and nipples.the two babes decide dto put on a show because they got very horny for each other.They didnt mind that everyone would see them make out and get down and dirty in front of everyone.They pulled down each others bikini tops as they began to pinch on the nipples with their fingers and also lick those nipples hard.


The girls were enjoying the grill day so much that they didnt mind that everyone was looking at them and filming their every move.They pulled off their bikini tops and just kept on playing with each others bodies.


Colby Fun Times

Colby was working at an amusement park when i was talking to her because i thought she was really hot looking.I gave her a few compliments and i had her in the palm of my hands.She was looking very cute and i wanted dto take her home with me for lunch.She giggled and she agreed because she told me that she was feeling very adventurous and horny!


Once inside my pad i undressed her i recorded her sexy body.She was really getting into and smiling and having a good time.She took my dick in her hands and she began to pump my cock as she licked and sucked it as well.This was one of the best blowjobs i have ever gotten but now it was time to fuck that pussy nice and hard.


I sat down because she wanted dto have control of the fucking session.I didnt have a problem with that because i would be holding the camera to capture all the action any ways.She jumped on my cock and she started to bounce up and down as i penetrated her from behind.