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Alex Chance: Why is this Pornstar so popular and has been for over a year now?

The reason that she is more popular than her colleagues that she is doing a lot of Live Porn Videos and because it is the very trendy thing of the moment, that is where all the heat is coming from, that is where she is getting the most exposure. Don’t get me wrong Alex is a filthy bitch and that makes her the perfect pornstar, she doesn’t have a fantastic body and that makes her look a little different than all the other top models in the adult entertainment industry and that marks her out of the ordinary as well.


I remember when she actually made her casting porn video at the Now Hiring agency a few years back, she was one of those girls that was extremely comfortable in doing what she wants, proving to everybody what a whore she is and how that being a possible poor model for her was most probably the best thing that could have ever happened to her because it fits her perfectly.

I have a dozen on her latest movies on my Porn Links blog/website so indicate that you would like to see some of her never seen before porn videos check it out, be my guest.

Pornstars that like to be the boss when its time to film and fuck!

The so-called dominant Pornstars, femdom or what ever you want to call it, it is actually a very popular categories among porn lovers, many the porn fans will sit down and watch these kind of bizarre porn videos, where a woman will dress up all in letter and us a whip or other kind of weapons (LOL) to sodomize or submit the men.

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So, how many are there of these dominant porn models? There is little to no on the numbers, simply because many off the regular pornstars will do this kind of thing if requested and therefore like I said it is absolutely impossible to know how many of them are around the country.

To be honest this is not a category all porn that I actually like to watch, however once I was in the studios at CherryPimps.com where they were broadcasting a live porn show starring a dominant pornstar and I actually found it quite fun to watch, usually it’s the guy that will take care of the pornstar and all she will have to do is spread her legs, not in this case, they are the ones in control and they tell the guy how they like to be fucked.

OK Pimps, what do you prefer? Pornstars or Amateur whores?

Is a very good question because in a recent survey I read that only 67% of people for Pornstars, while the remaining answered that they like a lot more amateur porn videos amateur photographs, well that is actually a good thing considering that I have to incredibly interesting websites here for you today that offer just that.

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The first is by far one of the best organized Amateur Girls Photos archives that I have ever seen in my 20 years of experience surfing the Internet. I know that there are many websites that claim that they can give you the same thing, but these guys always be on scraping social media networks and bringing you fresh photographs that most probably was taken only hours before and in some cases the photograph was taken just minutes before they were published on this website, by the way is free just like if it were a porn tube.

The other 100% free website is this Amateur Porn Videos Links resource that also is crammed and all of incredibly cool and unseemly for porn videos, this is what makes this Pacific website very popular, is because it shows porn videos that have never been published on the World Wide Web or on DVD.

The adult entertainment industry has something new that is called live porn

You can all imagine how I felt when I discovered that this blog along with many others on the same network have lost roughly 4 months of data, this mishap occurred because the server administrators did not do a professional backup before moving this network of blogs to a new server, so unfortunately many blog posts that were touching base with Live Porn websites of different kinds, all of which were extremely good quality, those articles) unfortunately have been lost therefore we thought of something that would be easy and at the same time would bring back all the information that was lost.

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Simply by posting links to those Live Porn Shows websites and therefore bringing them back to your attention simply letting you know that they are all incredibly delivering websites and they are the very best in that kind. Obviously the next articles on this blog will be talking about one website in specifics and I would like to go back at that point and talk about one of the websites that we lost data, simply because there are many of our readers out there that never got the chance to read those articles about those specific websites.

Lets party with some exclusive live porn shows

To be honest I’m really not a huge fan of Live Porn, well I wasn’t in table a website called CherryPimps.com showed up on the Internet and since then I have become maybe the biggest fan of all, this is a program that offers obviously live porn, but the offer in a totally different way, the most important feature is that they are the only network on the Internet today that offers this starring and featuring obviously the most famous and hottest pornstars that you all know and all love and most probably always jack off to LOL.

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While other networks can possibly offer you Hot Pornstars they have one fucking every day the week, around 5 PM Pacific time and sometimes even on Saturdays, and during the shows you can honestly check out some of the other websites that are included in the package that you get for less than a dollar a day.

There are 12 of these amazing websites that come with the two would I have already mentioned and one of them is this Pornstars Masturbating digital website that I’m sure you will find absolutely exhilarating, you can get a quick peak by clicking on the link that I provided in this paragraph and see for yourself what you have been missing out for for a very long time.

Hot pornstars I need to say no more

Well if I need to say no more than most of you will pass on this blog post, so let me spend just a few words today about this Live Porn videos network that we have mentioned already so many times on this very blog and many of the other blogs where I write on, but they must be a very good reason why I am doing so, there must be a very good reason why this is happening, the must be a very good reason why there are close to 3 million members, people that are watching this live porn on a daily basis and now even on the weekends because they have extended at no charge to you, these live WebCam porn shows even on Saturdays.


Find me a live network that offers Hot Pornstars fucking on their shows, it would be a useless research because there is no network other than this that actually offers that, find me another network that offers you live porn in high definition video and audio, that also would be an absolute waste of time simply because there is no other network on the Internet that offers you live porn featuring HD. Find me another network that offers all of this for two dollars, that means one individual live porn video that lasts over two hours that costs roughly 2 dollars to your pocket, you won’t find it, this is a bundle that other people, but other companies, that other organizations in the adult entertainment business simply dream off.

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