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Happy Hunting

We know of two girls who spend all of their free time looking to pick up other chicks. It’s called Girls Hunting Girls!

teaching girls how to hunt girls1

Check them out wit their skirts just blowing in the wind. If you watch long enough you know the wind is gonna lift up their skirts and show us what they are wearing underneath it. I’m gussing it’s thongs they are wearing; All women wear thongs these days. Even the lesbians!

It’s not long unti they spy their next target. She’s a hottie too!

teaching girls how to hunt girls2

They chat for a bit and it turns out this one is new in town – and doesn’t have any friends. She’s about to make some really close friends!

teaching girls how to hunt girls3

Back at their place they dive into their new friend – she’s out numbered and defenseless against them!

teaching girls how to hunt girls4

Very quickly their new friend discovers she enjoys making love to other women!

teaching girls how to hunt girls5

Thanks in part to Girls Hunting Girls, well, there is a new lesbian being born every day!

Meeting Ann Marie

Sherry and Debbie had been best friends since high school. They shared their stories about boys, and from time to time shared each other. After high school they discovered they were both into other women. They moved in together and made it a habit to go out to together and pick up other chicks. They called it Girls Hunting Girls!

One Friday afternoon Sherry and Debbie went out hunting….

girls hunting girls1

And met a hot chick named Ann Marie.

girls hunting girls2

They talked for a long time and talked her into coming home with them. Ann Marie, who had just broken up with her boyfriend because he was cheating on her, was all for it.

She had never done another woman before but was open to anything. Beth and Debbie explained how it was done:

girls hunting girls3

And even included a live demo….

girls hunting girls4

Ann Marie made some new friends that day. And now she’ll be spending her time muff diving, and hanging out with the Girls Hunting Girls!!!

Sexy Roommate Wanted

Suzie and Beth needed a new room mate. They wanted someone special who share their special interests – including walking around the house buck ass naked! So it was back to the basics – Girls Hunting Girls!

One of the girls who answered their ad was Amanda, a cute chick with dark hair and precious little breasts. They met at a local mall for the interivew and hit it off quickly.

sexy roommate wanted1

They quickly decided Amanda would be perfect for room mate and brought her back to their place to try her out.

sexy roommate wanted2

sexy roommate wanted3

Clearly Amanda wasn’t the shy type!

sexy roommate wanted4

Well, the Girls Hunting Girls worked out well when looking for a new room mate. We hope to have an update from them in about a month or so!

Carrie’s First Threesome

Got to love Girls Hunting Girls!!!

Shelly and Amy went out on a mission – to hunt down another woman for them to have romp with. They found Carrie in a parking not far from their house. Carrie was a cutie with a tight little body – and nice perky breasts!

shelly lesbians girls girls1

Carrie was new to the area and was looking to meet friends and had no obections going back to their place. Up in the mini van Carrie went!

shelly lesbians girls girls2

Soon after they pulled out of the parking lot the conversation in the back seat turned to their bodies – and a wild game of show and tell.

shelly lesbians girls girls3

Carrie confessed she had never been with a woman before but that she had always wanted to. Amy and Shelly were all ears and and quickly talked her into stripping down for a much wilder game of show and tell!

shelly lesbians girls girls4

Shelly, being the sexy blonde lesbian she is, quickly pulled out the vibrators and went to town on Carrie!

shelly lesbians girls girls5

This was Carrie’s first time with another woman – and her first threesome also. She had one wild ride.

Yes, we love Girls Hunting Girls. It might just be our all time favorite site!

Hot Lesbians!

Sapphic Erotica has the hottest lesbians on the internet!

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Talk about Party Time!

I just have two questions….Where are these parties, and how do I get to go?

Hot Chicks Ready to Party

Hot chicks ready to party….

Naked Party Time

Hot chicks getting naked at party….

Blowjob Party

Hot chicks find friend and want to give blowjobs….

Fucking Party

Hot chicks want to fuck….

Suck it and swallow

Hot chicks want to swallow….sounds like a perfect evening!

Lesbians Are Lesbians

Lesbians are lesbians no matter what. Once they learn how to eat the snatch, they never go back.

These three lesbians were going to a wedding for one of their friends. They were disappointed that they never had the chance to turn her like they did all of their other friends… These three sure looked sexy in their hot dresses and slutty high heels!

lesbian limo ride14

A few drinks later and they were all over each other in the back of the limo!

These three hot lesbians never wore panties, dresses came up, and pussys started to get licked!

lesbian limo ride15

Lesbians With Sex Toys

Now would wouldn’t want to pimp these two teen sluts out? Even if they are lesbians, lesbians are oh so much fun to watch! We can watch them kiss all day long!

Looks like these two teen lesbians are lucking lips and they aren’t about to stop for anything… .

hot lesbian teens1

Unless blondie mentions she’s got sex toys! A real lesbian can’t take a cock inside of her snatch, but she can take a huge fucking dildo up inside of her!

First they have to lube up the sex toys!

hot lesbian teens2

Then they’ll be fucking each other’s brains out!

Blonde Teen Sleep Over

Candy and Lorie were two best friends that wanted dto experiment wit their bodies and see if they were really meant to be secret lesbian lovers.They rented a hotel room where they went to hang out and take some very sexy and fun pictures of each other having some fun.They snapped away and forgot about all their problems as they had some fun.


They slowly began to get close to each other and get undressed by pulling each others clothes off of their sexy teen bodies.Pretty soon they were also rubbing each other all over and getting their bodies nice and sexy.


They were making out and getting naked and they both knew that they were made for each other to be some secret sexual lovers to each other.


Wild At The Grill

Lori and Stephanie went to a local frat party grill where the drinks were stiff as well as the cocks and nipples.the two babes decide dto put on a show because they got very horny for each other.They didnt mind that everyone would see them make out and get down and dirty in front of everyone.They pulled down each others bikini tops as they began to pinch on the nipples with their fingers and also lick those nipples hard.


The girls were enjoying the grill day so much that they didnt mind that everyone was looking at them and filming their every move.They pulled off their bikini tops and just kept on playing with each others bodies.