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Asian Sensation

When I’m having a tough day and I don’t like the work I do a video like this reminds me why I actually love my job! Writing about this hot shit all day ROCKS!

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Sweet Candy Pussy

London has a very sweet tooth, she just loves candy and she always makes her boyfriend go on a candy run for her to get her thrills.She doesn’t like just any candy though, she enjoys the sex candy that helps her get horny and hot for some good fucking action.She likes the pops that are shaped like cocks so she could practice and lick and dip them into her mouth for pleasure.


Her boyfriend made her a deal, he said he would go get her all the candy she wanted if she she first sucked and fucked him for his good thrills.She didnt even have to think twice because she enjoys the cock just as much as she likes candy.She agreed and got on her knees as he took his dick out and she started to give him a blow job.


She did a really great job sucking on his dick but it was now time for him to get his dick wet.He had her sit down and open her legs as he walked over and pumped his cock into her very wet hole.She screamed because his cock was so large and thick but she was also enjoying it at the same time.


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Anal music


We paid a horny Asian babe to stick an ipod up inside of her anus and see what the shuffle plays would bring out! Then we had multiple people just walking by that we paid to see if they could tell what song was coming out of that Asian asshole!We didn’t know she could stick a small mp3 player up in there but this petite hot Asian had it in her!


As she wiggled around the songs would change and people would walk by and guess what was coming out from this chick.We even had some contestants that got naked and flashed us some public tits!


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