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If there was one thing that Mike liked showing off more than his cock it was his apartment. It’s not often that someone has such a huge pad in the city like this. Andrea, with her small perky boobs, was mighty impressed…


And she was even more impressed when she got his cock in her mouth!

It wasn’t too big, but instead just the right size – just what this hot slut was used to sucking down!


She was so horny that her pussy was soaking wet; Sucking cock always made her horny… She quickly climbed on top of him and fucking his brains out!!


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Riley always wanted to bang her teacher… So one night after class she followed him home and knocked on his door a few minute later. He was still wearing his ugly tie and was making him a salad. She was failing his class – which is why she was there – and he was scolding him with a cucumber. Riley decided to show him exactly what she had in mind and used the cucumber to get her message across – and she went down on his long hard cucumber!

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That lead to a wild session of cock sucking…. Turns out this tight little teen slut knew how to give head. And much to her surprise, her teacher had a huge cock!

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And this slut knows exactly how to fuck a hard huge cock!

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Fucking In Mike’s Apartment

Every time Vanda came into town she always looked forward to spending the night at Mike’s Apartment. Not only was the place really nice…

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But Mike also had a huge cock and never ever said no to her!

Then again, who is going to say no to a hot babe like this sucking their cock?

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She sucked him off until his cock was super rock hard and then without a word, without asking him, she mounted him, climbing on top of his cock… And rocked his world by riding him like she was riding a fucking bronco!

This tight blonde slut loves fucking men by riding on top of them!

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