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Wife Brings Home Hot Slut

When Robert waked into his own home he was surprised to see his wife getting it on with some brunette slut… Turns out he had tricked her out pretty well!

His cock was instantly hard and tried to get in the middle of them….

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They both ended up taking their clothes off quickly… And Robert ate out her pussy while his wife kissed their new special friend and played with her boobs!

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Hopefully Oral Threesome

Robert knew the only way to trick his woman out was to force her into a little threesome action… When she came home from work and walked in on Robert getting his cock sucked off by some slut with her titties hanging out!

Robert knew this was the tricky part – would she run out of the room screaming and make a scene…

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Or would she join her and get down on her knees and suck him off!

Either way, Robert was getting blown!

Pulling On Her Hair

Layla was a bit of a mouthy slut, and Bob knew exactly how to take care of that. He didn’t want to hear her fucking chitter chatter while he was fucking her tight little ass from behind so he needed to make sure her jaw was nice and tired… So he rammed his cock in her mouth and pulled on her hair, making sure she throated him down!

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He might just end up dropping his load right in her mouthy, but if it stops her from talking so damn much it will be worth the effort!

Plus, he’ll get to drop his jizz load in her mouth!

Teen Slut Takes Cock Up Ass

Denise just wanted to please her man… She knew the harder his cock was the more anal sex was gonna hurt… But she gave him the best blow job she could!

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And when his cock spread her ass cheeks and went up inside of her anus… It was super hard!

Of course it was super big too!

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But if your gonna have anal sex… You might as well go for it!