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Courtney Simpson Loves Fucking

Talk about hot porn stars to fuck! Courtney Simpson is smoking hot!

Tommy was set up on a blind date but had no idea it was going to be a hot sexy porn star like Courtney Simpson with her tiny little boobies and her willingness to fuck for hours on end, but when he figured it out he wasn’t complaining! A couple of drinks later and they were back at his place fucking out by pool!

Courtney Simpson sexy blonde slut

Courtney Simpson loves to fuck, and fucking outside in his back yard was just a huge fucking turn on for this slutty pornstar!

Barbi Addison Fucks Hard

Barbi Addison thought she had landed the fuck of a lifetime – someone who worked at a studio! She was tired of being just another big breasted blonde waitress with a fake boob job. There had to something more for this blonde bombshell! She knew the moment she met John that she was going to give him the fuck of his life, and that’s exactly what she did! She sucked him off making sure his cock was nice and hard, super hard, and Barbi Addison was stunned by how huge his cock really was!

Now she just wanted to ride his cock, sitting on top of it until she got off!

Barbi Addison rides cock

This turned out to be a great fuck for both of them!

Asian Sensation

When I’m having a tough day and I don’t like the work I do a video like this reminds me why I actually love my job! Writing about this hot shit all day ROCKS!