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Holly’s Boat Ride Part Two

When it came right down to it Holly walked the walked. She not only got on to Captain Stabbing’s boat, but she was also a cock craving champion too!

holly naked boat ride4

Once they were far enough out to sea Holly did it all – and fucked our guy silly right out in the open!!!

holly naked boat ride5

Holly will be welcomed back any time. Hopefully next time she’ll bring a friend.

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Carla’s Problem

Mikes last room mate was tired of his constant demands for sex – so he kicked her ass out on the curb. A quick trip to a local sidewalk cafe turned up big breasted blonde haired Carla. She needed a place to crash – quickly – and was willing to do nearly anything. Welcome to Mikes Apartment!!!

carla naked1

Carla had was forced to move out when she discovered her boyfriend in bed with her best friend. Suddenly she had no boyfriend, lost her best friend, and lost her apartment all at once.

She met Mike while trying to figure out where she was going to live, and Mike told her the deal. Carla wasn’t too sure about it at first. Mike was all up in it; He wanted a peice of her!

carla naked2

Mike got her back to his apartment and made his move… And started by taking off her jeans. She fought him….

carla naked3

How far would do you think Mike was willing to go at this moment get into her pants???

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Best Parties Ever

These guys we know… throw the best parties ever! We call them Hardcore Partying!!

one wild night1

This loks like an innocent night. But after everyone has had enough to drink, the clothes start coming off. This hot blonde – a friend of a friend – was the first one this night to get naked!

one wild night2

She was also the first one to start sucking cock too!

one wild night3

Sooner or later everyone got into the action… Yeah, these cats the best ever!!!!

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Holly’s Boat Ride

Holly had always liked boots when she was younger. She hit Miami for spring break and met a sturdy dude who promised to take her out on Captain Stabbing’s boat under one condition…. Holly had to fuck his brains out once they were “underway”….

Holly was all for it.

holly naked boat ride1

Wearing not much more than her blue bikini and a short skirt, Holly got on board for what promised to be an interesting ride!!!

holly naked boat ride2

Once they moved out port and to the open sea she was more than willing to get down and dirty!

“A boat ride, an afternoon tanning, and I get laid? What a great way to spend spring break!” Holly said….

holly naked boat ride3

Check back in a few days to find out exactly how well Holly did!!!!

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Happy Hunting

We know of two girls who spend all of their free time looking to pick up other chicks. It’s called Girls Hunting Girls!

teaching girls how to hunt girls1

Check them out wit their skirts just blowing in the wind. If you watch long enough you know the wind is gonna lift up their skirts and show us what they are wearing underneath it. I’m gussing it’s thongs they are wearing; All women wear thongs these days. Even the lesbians!

It’s not long unti they spy their next target. She’s a hottie too!

teaching girls how to hunt girls2

They chat for a bit and it turns out this one is new in town – and doesn’t have any friends. She’s about to make some really close friends!

teaching girls how to hunt girls3

Back at their place they dive into their new friend – she’s out numbered and defenseless against them!

teaching girls how to hunt girls4

Very quickly their new friend discovers she enjoys making love to other women!

teaching girls how to hunt girls5

Thanks in part to Girls Hunting Girls, well, there is a new lesbian being born every day!

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Two For One

This was a special treat even for the Milf Hunter!!!

The Milf Hunter was out at his favorite watering hole when he spied these two hot MILFs – Carrie and Loryn. They were both out celebrating their recent divorces!

lesbian milfs1

The Milf Hunter wasted no time getting them drinks and suddenly before he knew it they were leaving the bar with him!

lesbian milfs2

Half smashed the party got started on the way back to their place!

lesbian milfs3

But once there was when the real show started. Carrie had held out until Loryn’s divorce was final before having sex again so ethey could share it together. Both were so horny that they ripped off each other’s clothes!

lesbian milfs4

And then the dove onto the Milf Hunter!!!

lesbian milfs5

lesbian milfs6

He had his hands full with these two hot MILFs but he was able to pull it off.

The Milf Hunter can handle anything!

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Easy Gina

Gina was an easy mark. She had been hanging around the docks for years and knew Captain Stabbing and his crew for a while. Gina knew what they were about and was all for it….

gina sucks cock1

Once on board she was ready to be man handed!

gina sucks cock2

She went up topside to tan a little while they pulled out of porn. Gina liked teasing the crew!

gina sucks cock3

Once Captain Stabbing was ready Gina went down below and went down on him, giving him a special treat!!!

gina sucks cock4

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Jennfer’s New Apartment

Jennifer was looking for a new place to crash when she came across Mike’s ad. When she showed up to Mikes Apartment he nearly had a cow – this girl was smoking hot, and very friendly!

jennifer fucks for rent1

They chatted for a bit and got to know each other.

Turns out Jennifer had lost her place to live and was crashing at various friends house until she found a place of her own. She hit it off with Mike quickly!

jennifer fucks for rent2

They talked for a long time, went out for dinner, and had some drinks. By then it was clear they were going to fuck like rabbits. They returned back to Mikes Apartment and Jennifer stripped down!

jennifer fucks for rent3

Oh, she has perfect little titties!

jennifer fucks for rent4

And sucks cock like a true champion!!!

jennifer fucks for rent5

She rode Mike really hard!

Jennifer climbed on top of him and fucked his brains out. Turns out she loves being on top and can fuck for hours!

jennifer fucks for rent6

Your rent is alread paid Jennifer. When can you move into Mikes Apartment???

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Extra Sausage!

You can already tell this is going to be hot hot hot!!!


Someone put in an order for some extra sausage on her pizza. We don’t think this was a mistake. This smoking hot blonde in the short skirt knew exactly what she was doing when she placed the order. That’s why she’s standing around thinking “okay, let’s get it on already!”. Our type of girl.


The moment of truth comes around quickl as she opens up her pizza box and – gasp! susprise! – there is extra sausage inside!!!

She doesn’t seem too too surprise and quickly grabs a hold of the extra sausage and starts to fondle it…


Yeah, this girl knows extra what to do with her Big Sausage Pizza!!!


She had been waiting for a nice hard fuck, and it’s handy that the pizza boy delivers!



Looks like she got all that she paid for. And our pizza derliver boy? He got off and got a story to share with the boys back at the Big Sausage Pizza place!!!

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Bikini Cruise

The the girls have been boozed up enough Captain Stabbing moves in for the kill. He talks about the beach, the weather, and how the sun is hiting their firm bikini clad bodies. He talks about sex, and starts to encourage the girls to kiss each other… In their drunken state they seem to be all for it.

tiffanys boat cruise5

tiffanys boat cruise6

Once the kissing begins it’s all downhill for the girls. Half naked in their bikinis and drunk, kissing each other, the get horn and decide to go for broke with Captain Stabbing

tiffanys boat cruise7

Another winner for Captain Stabbing and his boys!

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