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Getting Revenge

Okay, this is totally hot. It’s called Revenge TV. It’s a simple concept. Your girlfriend did you wrong, dumped your lazy ass, or screwed around. Your pissed off. And…. you have pictures of her ass naked!

Want to get revenge? No problem. Just send your pictures into Revenge TV and they’ll post your girlfriend’s naked ass pictures all over the Internet for you! I love this!

Check out Jenny…. Looks like she pissed off the wrong person!


My guess she slept around and her boyfriend was pissed off. I mean, look at her – she’s sexy as hell! I wouldn’t care if she had a boyfriend or not, I’d hit it!



Well, Jenny, this is what you get for screwing around you whore! Because your boyfriend just sent your pictures to Revenge TV and now you’ll be all over the Internet!

I bet revenge never felt so good!

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Sexy Roommate Wanted

Suzie and Beth needed a new room mate. They wanted someone special who share their special interests – including walking around the house buck ass naked! So it was back to the basics – Girls Hunting Girls!

One of the girls who answered their ad was Amanda, a cute chick with dark hair and precious little breasts. They met at a local mall for the interivew and hit it off quickly.

sexy roommate wanted1

They quickly decided Amanda would be perfect for room mate and brought her back to their place to try her out.

sexy roommate wanted2

sexy roommate wanted3

Clearly Amanda wasn’t the shy type!

sexy roommate wanted4

Well, the Girls Hunting Girls worked out well when looking for a new room mate. We hope to have an update from them in about a month or so!

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Our Parties

If your gonna party you need to party hard already. If your not into the Hardcore Partying… why bother?

Our parties start like any other party. Just a bunch of us hanging out in the kitchen. Notice we “stock the pond” with lots of women – you always want more women than men. Always.

my hardcore party1

The booze starts flowing and in about an hour clothes start coming off….

my hardcore party2

After time goes by men and women, full of booze, starting pairing up with each other. Clothes have already started to come off, but now everyone gets honry – and then the dick sucking begins!!!

my hardcore party3

Before you know it, it’s all threesomes and foursomes. This is exactly why we stock the pond – two chicks for every guy!

my hardcore party4

When your ready to really party come visit us at Hardcore Partying!!!!

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Extra Sausage!!!

We love this website called Big Sausage Pizza. It’s just too much for us really!

It’s very simple – women call up for a pizza and when they order “extra sausage”, well, this is a “code phrase” to mean they want a bit more than pizza. When they get one of these calls they cut a nice little hole in the center of the pizza – and the bottom of the box.

Imagine being one of those drivers at this company and getting the call to deliver to this big breasted blonde!

coco big boobs loves extra sausage1

No sense wasting time with this chick – Let’s get right down to business. Here’s your “extra sausage!”

coco big boobs loves extra sausage2

Don’t act so surprised, this is exactly what you ordered!

Now, be a good girl, and start swallowing!

coco big boobs loves extra sausage3

The pizza boy there looks happy!

This one was wild. Her name is Nicole and she wanted to fuck that extra sausage, pizzza and all!

coco big boobs loves extra sausage4

How’s that for kink?

So the next time you call out for pizza be careful when you ask for “extra sausage”. You might just get more than you asked for!

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Carrie’s First Threesome

Got to love Girls Hunting Girls!!!

Shelly and Amy went out on a mission – to hunt down another woman for them to have romp with. They found Carrie in a parking not far from their house. Carrie was a cutie with a tight little body – and nice perky breasts!

shelly lesbians girls girls1

Carrie was new to the area and was looking to meet friends and had no obections going back to their place. Up in the mini van Carrie went!

shelly lesbians girls girls2

Soon after they pulled out of the parking lot the conversation in the back seat turned to their bodies – and a wild game of show and tell.

shelly lesbians girls girls3

Carrie confessed she had never been with a woman before but that she had always wanted to. Amy and Shelly were all ears and and quickly talked her into stripping down for a much wilder game of show and tell!

shelly lesbians girls girls4

Shelly, being the sexy blonde lesbian she is, quickly pulled out the vibrators and went to town on Carrie!

shelly lesbians girls girls5

This was Carrie’s first time with another woman – and her first threesome also. She had one wild ride.

Yes, we love Girls Hunting Girls. It might just be our all time favorite site!

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Easy Target

She was an easy target but oh so hot!

The Fuck For Dollars crew met Faye outside of a liquor store.

faye valentine1

Faye had just lost her job two weeks ago as a COCKtail waitress. She was looking to buy a pack of cigarettes but didn’t have enough money. “We are so glad we met you honey!”

faye valentine2

The Fuck For Dollars crew bought her some smokes and brought her back to their place to make their pitch about rent. Faye didn’t seem to understand. “It’s simple. You take of your clothes and and we’ll pay you. You suck our cocks and we’ll pay you. You let us fuck your brains out and we’ll pay you. You won’t have to worry about making rent”.

faye valentine3

Faye took off her clothes and the Fuck For Dollars crew piled some money on her. “What do I need to do to make my rent this month” Faye asked softly. “Everything” they replied.

Faye didn’t disappoint.

She sucked cock….

faye valentine4

And then she let the Fuck For Dollars crew take her from behind….

faye valentine5

She got fucked from behind hard, with her little perky tities hit the couch each time.

Faye made her rent money and them some. AND she got laid. It was a good deal all around for everyone!

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Gym Milf Hunter

Check it out – the original Milf Hunter heads out to the gym to find himself some new MILFs. And you KNOW there are MILFs plenty at the gym!

milf hunter1

And the Milf Hunter finds them waiting for him to sign up at the front door. His new sexy MILF friends take a peek at him and check him out a bit. “Oh, what’s this? Your hard as a rock!”. You think? Before you know it…..

milf hunter2

They are both on their knees blowing the world fameous Milf Hunter!

milf hunter3

Score one for the Milf Hunter!

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Big Sausage Pizza

You know the guys at Big Sausage Pizza deliver pizza with exrtra sausage, right?

big sausage pizza jessie1

They deliver “extra sausage”!

They made a stop over to Jessie’s house. They’ve been there before, but this was the first time she ordered “extra sausage”. Jessie is a hot big breasted ho. Love her short skirt!

big sausage pizza jessie2

When Jessie opens up the pizza – bam – just what she ordered! Extra sausage!

big sausage pizza jessie3

Time to eat the extra sausage!

big sausage pizza jessie4

You can catch all of the fun with the pizza delivery crew at Big Sausage Pizza!

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Our dear friend the Milf Hunter goes out on the prowl again for some hot MILFs. He finds his target at the newspaper stand, all blonde hair and boobs, and wearing an average green dress (which provides easy access!). The Milf Hunter walks right up to her and starts talking to her.

milf hunter dianaa1

Her name is Dianna and she’s knew and town. She’s also recently single and has the day off. “Want me to show you the sights?” asks the fearless Milf Hunter. She bits, and a few drinks later….

milf hunter dianaa2

She’s back at his house and making the shameful walk up the stairs…. And then BAM – He’s showing her a site she’s never seen before!

milf hunter dianaa3

Nailed by the Milf Hunter. And she never saw it coming!

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Trying Hard: Belle

Belle is a beautiful twenty-one year blonde who thinks she’s all that – and thinks she can enter in any VIP room in any club at any time. She is beautiful….

bell in the vip1

But… If you want in our VIP room, well, you got to offer up a bit more than that honey.

How about I show you my tits” She asks. Well, let’s see what you got.

bell in the vip2

Well, we’ve seen tits before so no dice.

If you want in… really want in the VIP room…. You need to be our party girl…. AND bring your friend! And she had better be willing too!

Oh, and she was!

bell in the vip3

So they both became party favors and we let them into the VIP room. But once you start feeding the party favors some drinks, well, they become total sluts and want to fuck everyone int he room.

bell in the vip4

Yeah, they got full access In The VIP!!!!

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