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Fucking For Rent

Kendra is smarter than all of us… Instead of paying rent, she just fucks a guy and moves in. The moment he asks for rent money, she starts looking for someone else to fuck. Why not? She hates paying rent and loves sucking cock and having sex. It’s the perfect arrangement for her!

And Kendra knows how to suck cock! With her ass up in the air, and her sexy whale tail…

kenda loves cock369 kenda loves cock370

She can also take a hard cock from behind without complaining!

kenda loves cock371

This is one hot slut that loves fucking!

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Sucking Off Cock

Kathy thought she was going to be the next big star to break out of Hollywood… Imagine her surprise when she walked in for her reading and was told before she could begin she had to suck off both of them!

kathy sucks cock in hollywood

How is that for acting?

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Lucky Cable Repair Guy

Amy’s cable was down, and Roy the cable guy showed up the next day to fix it. They quickly hit it off. After the cable was fixed, Amy offered to get Roy a drink. Seems they think alike. When Amy came back into the room, her shirt was open – and Roy had his cock out!

Quickly Amy got down on her knees and started off the cable guy!

hot reality sex1 hot reality sex2

She had never had sex with a cable guy before… But if all cable repair men could fuck like Roy, she’ll be fucking nothing but Cable repair men on a daily basis!

hot reality sex3

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Fucking The Boss

Rhonnie had worked with Britney for a while now…. They had been working on a huge project together, and decided to get together on the weekend. At her house.

It was a Saturday and even though he always wore a tie, he thought he could get away without a tie. Clearly Britney saw this as a sign! He noticed her skirt was a little bit shorter than usual, but their meeting took a different turn when she reached over and grabbed his already hard cock!

britney huge boobs1 britney huge boobs2

They tore each other’s clothes off! She got down and sucked him off; Rhonnie was thinking he would titty fuck her huge knockers! But instead he ended up banging her on top of the couch!

britney huge boobs3

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Cable Guy Love

Ben was the new trainee, and Carl was already fed up with him. He wasn’t paying any attention and spent way too much of his fucking time flirting with the customers – who were usually hot chicks being as their route was full of apartment complexes!

Carl turned around and Ben was gone. Again. He called out him and discovered he was in the bedroom with Holly – who was now topless and taking off her shorts!

cable guy gets fucked2

Carl kept working on the cable connection while Ben ended up fucking Holly – nice and loud so his co-worker could hear it all!

cable guy gets fucked3

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Super Sexy Hand Job

Kathy needed a place to stay – badly. And she was willing to work for it!

She sucked him off, but before she fucked him she jerked him off and then licked up all of his jizz.. And then sucked him off again to make him hard so she could fuck him!

jerking off cock

After she fucked him… She was sure he would let him spend the night!

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Sucking Cock

All Jessie ever wanted was to make it big in Hollywood. Her and ten zillion other perky sluts!

Last weekend she fucked an agent who set her up with sure fire casting call… But when she got there she quickly learned she was on the casting couch and expected to suck a little cock off before the interview would begin! She was down with that – it’s not like she didn’t like sucking cock!

But when he pulled out his cock it was fucking massive!

first time audition203

No matter – she figured it was important so she was willing to give it a try and did her best to suck it down!

She grabbed his cock with her hand and went to town on him!

first time audition204

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Big Breasted Boss

Working with Mary was always fun. She was nice, always dressed sexy, and had a huge fucking rack.

Jeff was working with her one afternoon in her office, when he bent over to get some paperwork from his briefcase, and when he came back up she had her tits out – they were about to pop out of her black bra!

He knew exactly what was on her mind! It was about time – he had wanted to fuck his big breasted boss for ages!

hot office fuck1

He ripped the clothes off of his big breasted boss and ended up fucking her right on the conference table!

hot office fuck2

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Cable Guy Gets Fucked

Charles loved being a cable guy. He spent most of his time dealing with hot babes in apartments or sexy MILFs getting their husband’s cable set up.

Today it was Stephanie, who just moved into town…. When she opened up the door he was instantly hard. She was a hot brunette with hair that touched her boobs; She was wearing a short skirt and slutty high heels…

cable-guy gets laid2

She quickly made it clear that she wanted so much more than her cable set up – she had other, more important needs! She just moved to town, felt lonely, and didn’t know anyone… She had no idea when she would be getting laid next! She reached out for Charles’s cock and a few moments later her skirt was hiked up, and she was down sucking off his cock!

cable-guy gets laid3

Then Charles fucked her right on her couch; He never even had enough time to take off her tool belt!

But maybe it was his tool that turned her on in the first place!

cable-guy gets laid4

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