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Claudia Sucks Cock

Claudia didn’t know the first thing about sucking cock, but she was about to learn… After all, it’s not really that difficult – just grab the cock, shove it in your mouth, and rub it on your tuck while sliding it in and out of your mouth… She’s still young enough to learn how to suck cock!

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She’ll be a cock sucking pro in no time at all!

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Jessica Casting Couch Whore

Jessica has paid her dues in Hollywood. She’s slept with nearly ever producer and agent in town, but still that one role that would define her entire career continued to elude her. In a fit of desperation she started dressing up like a slut hoping to get someone’s attention… And still she continued to sleep with everyone and anyone in the movie making business!

She was ready for the casting couch each and every time!

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This time his name was Matt; He told her he was a big producer for a big studio and was in the process of hiring for his latest movie. She knew the drill, strip down, suck him off, fuck him, and then wait for the phone call that would change her life…

At least she was really good at sucking cock!

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She was good at sucking cock and fucking it… And everything else that popped up that night! She sat on top of his cock and let him inside of her like it was the most natural thing in the world… And Jessica rode his cock like he wouldn’t believe!

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Sexy Black Lace Slut

Mike knew the moment that Sherry put on her sexy black lace gloves that he was in for a special treat! Turns out whenever she wants to suck a little cock she puts on her gloves; It makes the entire act of oral sex somewhat mysterious… She knows how to turn men on by blowing them off, for sure!

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Of course, this hot little blonde has a lot of hidden talents… Starting with getting fucked! Again, she still has the gloves on, the black lace gloves, and also those black stockings that look oh so sexy when she’s getting fucked!

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Naked And Fucking

Picking up the hot teen college girls was always easy for Mark… But getting them naked and fucking them was another matter all together! But he was always game and willing to give it a try!

She looked like she would be an easy lay with her short jean skirt and all!


Turns out she loved being on top – most teen college girls do – and he was all too willing to let him ride on top of his cock!


Fucking In Park

Kendra was a hot little Southern California teen who knew the drill… Get in the car, suck some cock, and maybe if she’s lucky she’ll get fucked nice and hard….

She started off by teasing him, letting him know that was both ready and willing… She spread her legs and let him see her red panties. He knew she was ready!

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She took his cock in her mouth and started to swallow him down!

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Then they ended up fucking right in the park! She stripped him down and then just sat on his cock and rode him like she was riding a fucking horse! Come to think of it, he was hung like a horse – and she loved having thick hard cock inside of her pussy!

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Cock Hungry Teen

Tina has always been a little bit cock hungry… Even back in high school when she was on the cheerleading team she loved the cock and secretly jumped at any chance to get her tight little pussy fucked.

Her pussy might not be as tight as it was back then, but at the very least she knew she had to suck a little cock to make a little cock into a big huge cock! It works every time!

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Once his cock was nice and hard she sat on top of his cock and fucked him silly!

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Fucked From Behind

Mike couldn’t wait to show Kendra his new apartment. He had no illusions; He knew Kendra was a hot little slut who loved to put out, but only for the right man… And that’s what made Kendra hotter than all of the other girls!

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Sure enough, just like all of the other girls who have been to Mike’s Apartment, it was only a matter of time before they were stripped down and on their knees sucking cock. Kendra wasn’t much different than all of the rest…

But she still looked hot on her knees with her legs spread and her sexy red thong riding up her ass!

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Once he got that thong off, he was slamming his huge cock from behind – fucking her nice and hard!

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Blonde College Slut

George never went to college himself, but he loved living right outside of campus. He knew all of the lingo – and knew just the right words to use to pick up a hot chick like Susan here.

Oh, Susan was a catch. She was wearing a tight little green shirt, no bra, and the shortest of shorts… Oh, she was primed and ready to get fucked!

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What George didn’t know is that he was hitting on a teen hottie who had no problems getting naked and getting down on her knees to suck off a little cock!

She’s done it so many times before that she knew all of the tricks of oral sex – starting with kneeling on a pillow!

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College girls love sex, and fucking was something of a hobby for this young tight blonde. Oh how she loved getting fucked! Her favorite position was getting fucked from behind, and George was more than willing to ram his huge cock right up inside of her tight little pussy!

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Fucking Strangers

Bryce should have known – it was the first time she thought she was going to land herself the movie gig that was going to make her dreams come true but instead ending up on the casting couch for some low level clerk who worked in some producer’s office but knew just enough lingo to trick hot babes into the sack…. The moment Bryce saw the hot tub she knew what was up!

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But this slim perky brunette was in the middle of a little dry spell, and it had been a while since since she’s gotten fucked nice and hard. She had the itch, and she needed to get it filled – quickly! Seems like Phil was just her man, with the huge cock and all!

All Bryce needed to do was suck him off just a little to get him going, and bam, his cock was nice and hard – and she was ready to get tickled deep down inside of her pussy!

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She loved fucking strangers!

Mike Fucks Michelle

When Mike met Michelle he knew he had stumbled onto something special. She was pissy and in a bad mood; Her landlord had kicked her out without warning and she had suddenly found herself homeless. She was really mad and sucking down on her cigarette while Mike was trying to assure her it was all going to be okay – She could spend the night at his place.

And he wanted this hot perky blonde to spend the night for sure! She was tight in all of the right places!

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Sure enough once he got this piece of ass back to his house, this blonde bombshell was ready to tear into his cock and suck him off!

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Not only that, she liked to be fucked from behind – Mike’s favorite position! He loved slamming his cock home inside of her tight little pussy!

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