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Play With Dick

Raquel answered our ad to play a game with a nice long cock.We offered her some cash for the pleasurable experience of pleasing this long fat cock.She was wearing a nice red bikini that quickly came off as she got ready to take care of the business.Her big tits were really helping to get that fat cock stiff and ready to get sucked on.With a hot ass woman like Raquel i dont think any living dude would have that problem at all!


Raquel started to lick on the dick and get her big juicy lips wrapped around it.She was doing such a great job with that cock that everyone else wanted to join in.She was making that dick look good so some of the other girls that were there for different segments jumped in and helped her please this dick.This must be the luckiest guy we have ever met because all the hot chicks wanted that cock in their mouths!


When it was all said and done the girls were pumping and sucking on that cock.Raquel took over because she wanted to finish the job by sucking that drippy gooey semen down into her throat.He finally shot his cum out and her mouth was filled with the cum.She finished up and got payed her cash.


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Lets Finger Pussies

These three hot blonde lesbian chicks were hanging out outside at their rooftop pool that overlooked the city. They are very rich and dont have to do much in order to have some fun.The girls like to lay out and have some drinks before having some hot and sexy fun to cure their boredom.


After having one too many drinks they started to kiss and make out.Interlocking tongues and tasting each other.they also started to stick some fingers inside of those nicely shaped pussies and cleanly shaven.Those pussies are nice and smooth and manicured like the best.Finger fucking really gets them off and they get very horny and wet.


They start to lick on each others pussies and tits and move in closer.As they penetrate the pink holes wit their fingers they get some pussy juice to flow out and lick it all off with their tongues.


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Costume Suck

Halloween is the time when you get to see some hot babes in some skimpy outfits all in the name of fun. Sarah was dressed as a sexy maid when we spotted her at the store late one night before they were to close.We got lucky because Eric walked in just in the nick of time as we offered him to play a game for our cameras.He didnt think twice after he saw how hot Sarah was looking in her outfit. He lifted her skirt up and approved of that nice round ass.He was ready to have some fun with this maid that wanted to please him!


Sarah got on her knees and took out his dick.She started to stroke on it and the fat cock got long and stiff.She started to lick on the head and taste how good his penis was. He just closed his eyes and leaned back didnt even know that the camera was taking all the footage of this sexy dick suck.


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Lick This Pussy

Nancy was working at this local beach shop on the North Shore where all the sexy hot babes come to shop.She was pretty bored until we showed up with a challenge for her.We asked her if she would let any random customer lick on her pussy if we paid her some cash.She said as long as they are female she’s down for anything so we started to look for a sexy customer to do the deed.


We found Jamie and her friend inside the store.We asked Jaime if she’d like to lick and please a pussy for some cash and she said yes! She didnt even ask who it would be but when she saw Nancy, she was glad because her pussy was looking very wet and horny.


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Take me Now

Nancy was a very horny teenage slut.She actually had the guts to sneak her older boyfriend into her room while everyone else was still asleep.She had plans for her boyfriend and she wanted his big dick inside of her because she felt it was the right time to have some wild sex.He looked at her sitting on the bed and his dick began to get hard.She was very hot and had a great naked body.


Nancy didnt even wait for him to jump right in to her she got undressed all by herself and he had no choice. She pulled his shorts off because he was a little nervous that they might get caught but once he saw her sucking on his fat cock he soon forgot about everything.For a teen, she was giving him a really great blow job as she sucked and worked on that dick.She started to pump it with her hands and get it nice and wet all over with her tongue.


After he saw how great she was performing on his dick he really got into it.He started to pound on her pussy with his big fat cock and shoving that dick deep inside of her.She was having a blast with that dick going in and out of her wet hole.He also went one step further and actually started to shove a finger inside of her asshole.


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Girls Do More than Flash

Every time we show up at a dorm room we know that we’ll be able to catch more than just the usual girls flashing us their tits.Of course we know were going to get that too and we dont mind because sometimes we get some really great looking tits.these college sluts had no problem getting together for a picture and showing us their fun bags as they lifted their shirts up.


We started teasing them and playing around and next thing we knew they started to get our P.A. and our other friend undressed and closer to their mouths.They got on their knees and unzipped their pants as they took out their stiff cocks.The girls then took turns giving out blow jobs to these two hard dicks.It was pretty exciting and hardcore being surrounded by a bunch of horny naked college girls!


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Horny Office MILF

I had to go to my old office to pick up my last check from my boss.She s really horny and sexy MILF so i knew i’d get a chance to fuck her pussy really good one day.I knew she gave me the ok when her panties were right in front of my face and she was smiling waiting for my cock to dive right in and wreck that pussy up good.


She ordered me to undress so she could pump my dick wit her hands.I did as she asked because she was still my boss and i was really horny for her.She bent over to reveal her nice ass and started to tug on my cock over and over getting it very nice and firm and ready for her.


She then lay on her desk and opened up her legs wide.I came straight over and inserted my cock inside of that wet hole.That pussy was really great and i started to fuck her hot MILF hole and having a great time.She held her legs open and i started to fuck her good.I really showed her who the boss was!


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Nice Tanned Ass

Let me tell you about the nice piece of Latina ass that i found myself the other day.Walking down the street i met up with Mercedes who was looking for a nearby store. I offered to walk her over and she was very appreciative so i started to flirt with her and we hit it off.It started to get a bit chilly so i invited her over to my place for some coffee.She came over and we both started to make out.I got naked and she saw my big cock and started to get on the bed to straddle my dick.


As she lay on me she pulled her pants off and her nice Latina tan ass was up in the air.She started to suck and stroke on my dick to get it up.When my dick was nice and big she then opened her legs and straddled my body as she sat on my big fat cock and i felt it go inside of her pussy and get really wet.She rode on my dick all night until she finally came and the jizz was all over my thighs.


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Hangover Fix

Want to know what great hangover fix is? Why get that knocked out dick to fuck you and then you’ll see how fast your boyfriend will be up and at em.Melinda came home from a hike in the mountains to find her boyfriend still asleep with a hangover from the night before.She knew exactly what to do to make his dick stand up for her and make him jump out of bed.


She started to suck on his cock which magically hot and a stuck up as she licked on the hard cock.While still asleep she then undressed and placed his hand on her ass with a finger in her tight anal hole.She sat on his dick and shoved it inside as it began to fuck her.He was soon woken up and enjoying the great wet pussy fuck.


He was ready to explode after 40 minutes of fucking so he walked over and shot his cum all over her nice pussy.the gobby white mess landed on her nicely trimmed pussy and she loved the site of his cum dripping all over her private parts.


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