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Teach the Tutor

Jenni had to hire a tutor because she wasn’t doing that well in one of her classes.Clearly the tutor was very mesmerized by her hot body.he kept staring at her nice big tits instead of paying attention.Jenni knew she wouldn’t get far in learning unless she gave him what he wanted so she offered her nice big breasts among other things for him to screw!


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She turned over and propped herself on one of the desk’s.She opened up her legs and her wet pussy lips were ready to greet his thick cock.Her pussy was dripping with her pussy juice as he shoved his cock straight inside and started to pleasure her.


Doing taxes

Theres one good thing i like about doing my taxes and that just happens to be my accountant.She is this very horny sexy blonde MILF that i get to fuck every year on that special time of the year.She usually schedules our meetings after hours so nobody will disturb us as i fondle and play with her whole body.I love to feel up her ass the best.


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I love to turn her around as she sticks her ass out at me and i get to shove my cock deep inside of her pussy.She enjoys when i bang her from behind and make her cringe with every pump of my dick inside of her.


Three Big Cocks

We had a little get together with 2 of our couples friends and they came over to our house to have some fun.Little did any of us know that we would be trading partners and fucking each other silly.the girls had to keep up with us because there were 3 big thick cocks that were ready to penetrate them.


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Fuck the maid

Staying at hotels all the time makes me get lonely and horny all the time.Luckily im not that bad to look at and usually end up with some pretty fine ass maids! Maria was my maid today and i was liking her Latina butt that was really nice.I was charming her when she finally gave it and wanted to jump in the sack with me.


She enjoyed taking my long huge cock inside of her mouth.Man she was really working it and was taking my big dick inside of her mouth.She had to open as wide as she could but she gave me a really great blow job from those Latin lips.


I turned her around and smacked that great ass. I took my cock and penetrated her dripping wet pussy.She was screaming in Spanish but kept telling me to go faster and harder.I Listened to her and finally cam inside of her tight snatch.


Secret cock surprise

Three sexy Latinas were pulled into a warehouse to take a survey on cock.this is no ordinary survey and they arent ordinary Latina’s. they are cheating housewives who dont get enough cock at home and signed up for the secret meeting.they’re here to test the huge cocks a new company is going to provide for cheating housewives.they were more than happy to come over and fuck and suck on some thick dicks.


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Sexy Volleyball

The girls were playing a friendly game of pick up Volleyball when they decided to start a bet.The team that loses would have to find the first big dick and fuck him.They played until one of the teams lost so they found an unsuspecting guy that had to provide the dick to get fucked.As the girls began to carry out their gamble the winners saw how hot and awesome they were having sex and decided to join in as well!




Lorinda and Lara

Lorinda and Lara had a really great European vacation! You could say that the girls were able to meet alot of interesting people and then proceed to fuck them! Thats right, these two horny babes had a sexual fun time abroad and this is just one of the many adventures there were in.


Mauro and Paolo were two of the lucky dogs that were able to bag these two chicks.Heading back to the guys flat things started to take a very sexy turn when they all started to make out and get horny.Lips were being kissed and tits were being handled before you knew it zippers were flying off.The two girl were then giving each of the guys head and the blowjobs were pleasing this horny Euro’s.


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MILF at the park

I met this MILF babe Laura when she was taking a break from her job.She was on her lunch break and she looked lonely so i came over and began to talk to her. I told her that i lived right across the street and if she wanted to have some fun that we could go and do that.She must have been horny because she came with me and was actually very flirty.


First this Laura did when she walked into my place was get on her knees and unzip my pants! She took my hard dick into her hand and shoved it into her mouth.She was looking very sexy as she pumped my dick in and out of her mouth.She knew what she was doing because she was sucking on the tip and lick and handling my balls like a champ.


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