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Male model casting

Francesca, Shy, and Brianna were holding a male model casting for a new show they were going to produce.These horny producers were put in this position because they get down to business and aren’t afraid to inspect the actors on a more personal level.They were checking out John one of the contestants to see how much sex appeal her would have on the show so they decided to strip him.


As they took off his clothes they discovered a big fat cock hidden underneath.they decided to try it out and see how durable this dick would be.Shy sat on the dick and started to fuck it silly.


She fucked and sat on that dick as the other girls helped out in sticking that dick deeper inside of her pussy.then they got into the action by licking her asshole and feeling her up as the dick kept fucking her from behind.


Paying for tuition

We sent our boy out to some local colleges to see if he can get those horny college kids to do anything possible for some cash.Some of these college students are so needy that they don’t mind delving into some sexual debauchery in order to win a few bucks.We found these two horny college girls that agreed to have fun with our boy’s dick in order to get paid.


As we drove away in our car, one of the girls was pretty much up for anything and agreed to suck and fuck on that dick.She looked at the hard long dick and showed us her tits to get in the mood.Once we were moving down the streets things really began to take off.


She leaned over and opened her mouth as she stuffed that dick inside of her mouth.She took it by the base and slide her mouth up and down as the long cock kept getting wet by the minute.Our dude was enjoying it so much that she was helping him out by pushing her head in and out and helping her get more of that big dick inside of her mouth.


He then pulled out his dick completely and began to ram her pussy from behind.He started to make her sweat as he shoved his dick inside of her and fucked her for good.Her friend even gave a hand by opening those ass cheeks for us.

The Real Fuckwives

The real housewives aint got nothing on these hot MILF bitches!This trip of privileged hot sluts usually have bang days where they hire huge cocks to show up at their private girl to girl talk meetings and bang the shit out of their aching pussies.They might have millionaire husbands, but these stiff cocks don’t need Viagra to pound the mature pussies into submission.


These older women usually will do the unthinkable and naughty sexual acts that their husbands can only dream of being done on them.They get down on their knees and suck on those cocks like a pack of wild animals.


Watch as these horny MILFS take on 1, 2 and even 3 cocks at the same time.Working overtime the horny women are in a mad dash to get cum filled before they have to go home and deal with their rich brats and flaccid dicked husbands!


Felony gets a loan

Felony was out apartment shopping since she wanted to move out of her current building.She had no luck finding a place she liked until she happened to pass by a very gorgeous looking house.The sign had a higher price tag than what she could afford but she was sure she could work out a special arrangement with the landlord.


She decided to hike up her skirt and show off her goods to make a great first impression.Upon seeing her ass he knew she would make a great tenant.As they talked about the details Felony mentioned that she wouldn’t be able to afford the high price. “Not to worry” said the landlord, im sure we can work something out as he eyed her ass.


Felony was very grateful so she decided to show him just how thank full she could be on a daily basis.She sat him down opened her legs and straddled his hard cock.She began to ride him and stick that dick deep into her pussy.


He wanted to get a closer look so he had her open her legs wide and over her as he started to jackhammer her pink wet pussy!



Missy gets a work out

Missy just got a membership to a gym that was highly recommended to her by her friends.They told her that it would be the best workout experience of her life but didn’t want to divulge any more details.She was handed a business card and sent on her way.Once at the gym she met her personal trainer Shawn who said would shape her into a lubed up machine.


At first she didn’t understand what he meant until he started asking for her to take off her clothes so he could inspect her body more closely.He wasn’t just looking for extra pounds he was checking out her nice ass and tits and caressing them up and down.Missy then understood why her friends loved the gym so much and she let herself get taken into the full workout regime.


First she was taught how to have major stamina and have a huge dick inserted deep into your mouth.Missy had no problems and swallowed that cock whole only gagging a few times.She licked it and sucked it as it was rammed into her mouth gently.


It was time to work her cardio so her trainer turned her body around and bent her over the bench.He rammed his cock inside of her pussy and began to ram her hard.She was sweating so much but enjoying her very sexual work out!


Lorinda and her orgy


Lorinda and her friends needed to get away from the city so they happily arranged for a couples retreat to a nice beach front hotel.There was a mistake made when the booking occurred and the couples would have to share a room! Trying to make the best of the situation the couple retreated to their room and started a hot and horny make out session.


Things started to get out of control as partners started to get traded in the shuffle and everyone was getting some wet and hot action.Lorinda was in heaven as she now had a choice of two huge cocks and another pair of nice tits to play with.


The couples retreat literally turned into an orgy and soon enough they were all fucking and sucking on each other.Talk about stress relief!