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Afternoon Teen Threesome

Lexi and Madison were having quiet night at home watching some chick flicks and eating caramel popcorn when the movie got really boring and they started paying more attention to each other than the TV screen.


It all started as an innocent request – Lexi asked her teen friend to rub her shoulders to relieve tension, but Madison knew a better way of doing that and soon the two of them were kissing and caressing each other. And even though these two young babes were capable of having fun on their own they both liked big cocks more than anything else and this is why they called their next door neighbor Mike.


He is slightly older than the two teen friends and is packing a big dick, which is why they loved him so much and as soon as he entered their apartment and saw the mischievous looks on their faces he knew that he would fuck their sweet pussies with his 11 inch long cock.


As soon as he dropped his pants both girls grabbed his cock and took turns licking, sucking, and biting, yes biting! These two girls are actually rather kinky and when they’ve got a hard cock in front of them nothing will stop them!


It didn’t take long for his cock to get nice and hard with these hot two teens naked in front of him so he took turns fucking each of their tight pussies! Lexi’s pussy had a nice little patch of hair and Madison was freshly shaved so he had a little bit of both worlds! He especially loved fucking Lexi as Madison straddled her face and grinded her pussy into her mouth! Mike told them to call him anytime as they both licked and sucked his cock dry!

Slut in Training

Madison is a girl who wants to know it all and since she is about to finish her last year in high school soon she wants to be well-prepared for the real life. This is why she wants to bone many a ton of older guys and make them teach her every dirty trick in the book. She wants to know how to suck cock, how to give handjobs, how to take it in the ass, and even how to give a nice footjob.


And since this isn’t something that you can learn from the books she spends most of her time in different guys’ bedrooms, getting fucked, sucked, licked and sprayed with cum and she loves it. This is actually the most fun she has had in her entire life.


Today she found one of the assistant coaches at school ready to help her out! She was waiting right by the locker room and she tends to be hard to say no to! Before you realize it she’ll have her nice little tits out, her skirt down, and your cock i her mouth! She figures no guy can say no when her mouth is around their cock and she’s damn right!


She got him nice and hard then sat on his cock pushing his big hard cock into her tight little shaved pussy! She keeps her body nice and fit so her pussy and ass stays extra tight! No guy has ever complained about fucking her so she knows she’s doing something right!


And, whenever they’re ready to cum she knows how to do it right! She takes their cock back in her mouth and sucks their cock dry! Sometimes she swallows, but most of the time she lets them shoot their hot load all over her face and young tits! She knows how the boys like that!