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These kids and their god damn parties! Last night there was a huge party next door and all he could think about was if his neighbors would be more strict and more responsible with their kids he could get some sleep. They arent, so he cant. He had to take measures into his own hands and handle the scenario face to face.


After confronting Ashlyn, his neighbor’s daughter, he wasn’t sure if he’d gotten the point across, but young Ashlyn realized she had only one recourse other than stopping her parties, and that wasn’t an option.


She knew that there was one sure fire way to keep Ramon happy and she was happy to do it! She sat down to Ramon nice and close trying to her best to give him a glimpse of her tight little panties and little tits! Ever since she started having sex she’s always been very popular with the boys and she knew Ramon wouldn’t be disappointed!


She started to rub his cock through his pants and she could tell he had the biggest dick she’d ever felt! She just had to see it so she undid his pants and exposed his huge hard cock! Ramon didn’t really know what was happening, but when you have a hot young girl grabbing at your cock there isn’t much you’re supposed to do other than enjoy it!


Ashlyn pushed Ramon back so she could get better access to his cock and she slid his big cock into her tight little mouth! She couldn’t swallow it all, but she tried to get as much in her mouth as she could! His cock was so big and hard that her mouth was completely full with barely half his cock!


Knowing how tight her mouth was Ramon could only imagine how tight her little pussy would be so he couldn’t wait to fuck her! He stripped Ashlynn naked exposing her tight little pink pussy that was dripping wet and slid his cock in! Pumping her tight pussy with his big cock was a big change from his older wife and loved it!


It wasn’t long before he was ready to pump her pussy full of hot cum, but Ashlyn feeling his cock jerk as he was about to cum pulled his cock out and swallow the head of his cock as he started to pump his hot load into her mouth! She took about half his load down her throat and let the rest coat her face as she licked and sucked his cock clean!

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