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Lesbians At Mike’s Apartment

Mike is one lucky dude!

He has his own apartment and lots of extra space. He’s good looking and is a nice guy; He’s pretty well known. What he does is he rents out his apartment to hot chicks but instead of charging them rent he has them do sexual favors instead – nearly all of which lead to him getting fucked as often as he likes!

In this case it’s Nicole and Jordan, who were forced to move out of the house they were renting when the owner lost his house. Suddenly they had no place to live. They were both cute, so Mike took them in and let them crash at Mike’s Apartment.

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This time around he had two hot chicks and he wanted something different. He loved to watch lesbians do each other, and here her had two beautiful women on his hands who both owed him big time. During the interview he discovered that Nicole and Jordan were friends, but both of them had never done the lesbian thing with each other before. Mike saw a beautiful opportunity here!

So he made a deal with Nicole and Jordan…. They could stay with him on a week to week basis, as long as twice a week they gave him an hour of their time, doing anything he wanted. And before they moved in they had to pay up front for their first week’s rent!

Mike had them get naked and take a bath together, then made them kiss and play with each other’s breasts…..

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Then he had them dry each other off and put on their bra and panties….. And then onto the bed for some serious lesbian fun!

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I’m guessing they’ll be staying a long time at Mike’s Apartment…..

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Cougar Recruits

Alana is one of those Cougar Recruits – an older chick who digs younger women! For Alana the best thing that can happen for her is to bed down a hot young chick that has never had a lesbian sexual encounter!

Today was Alana’s luckily day when she stumbled across Alexa, who was standing on the side of a building looking all sad.

It didn’t take much for Alana to talk her into the car and a short time later Alexa was getting in and was all smiles!


Alana quickly got Alexa to her house and after a quick talk discovered that Alexa had never made love to another woman before. Women Alexa’s age are always curious and she was willing to try anything.

Alana put the moves on her and started by removing her clothes!


Alexa knew exactly what was going on and once she was half naked she was licking on Alana’s snatch – her first time muff diving! Alexa was pleased to discover it was better than giving head, and didn’t taste all that bad. In fact, Alexa kind of liked it!


Looks like Alana got really lucky today finding a hot young teen who had never eaten pussy before!

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Jennifer Hungry For Sex

So Jennifer ordered up some Big Sausage Pizza – Great. The question is did she just order up some pizza because she was hungry, or did she call order up some pizza because she was honry!

Do women who are home alone and are hungry answer the door dressed like a whore? I would think not!

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Seems like Jennifer is surprised when she opens up the pizza only to discover a huge cock inside of it, sticking out through a hole in the middle of the pizza!

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I think Jennifer was hungry all right – hungry for sex! She tore into that cock so fast it made the pizza delivery guy’s head spin!

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She got stuffed with some hot cock, got a free pizza, and he got a nice tip!

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Sierra Snow Loves Huge Cocks

Sierra Snow is one of those teen chicks who likes big cocks! This is why she loved dating Steve; Steve was hung like a can of pringles!

She invited Steve over on a Friday night and let him know that she was interested in one thing and one thing only – no foreplay, no cuddling; She just wanted to get fucked and fucked hard!!!

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When he pulled down his pants she could see his huge cock through his underwear – it was already swollen! When she grabbed it through his undies she was reminded exactly how large her hunky manlover really was!

Women all around town would be jealous of her tonight as she was getting her pussy filled and drilled with this huge cock!

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Every time she saw his huge cock she was surprised!!!

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She was a good girlfriend and loved to suck on cock! She also loved to have his huge pecker tickle the back of throat when she deep throated him!

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Because Teens Like It Big, what she loved most of all was having his cock deep inside of her pussy! She too it any which way Steve was going to give it! She laid down on his back and let him fuck her, then she got up on her knees and let Steve shove his huge cock into her pussy from behind!!!!

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What a great slutty girlfriend Sierra is! And thank god that Teens Like It Big!!!!

Naked Tryouts

Amy had always wanted to be a cheerleader, so when she arrived at college her freshman year she decided that she had to try out for the team. When Amy heard about the Cheerleader Auditions she was excited! She was pretty determined to make it Although Amy was young with dark hair, she thought she was pretty enough and had the perfect trim little body to be a cheerleader!

She was willing to do anything to become a cheerleader, and when she met Richard the assistant couch she quickly came up with a plan as he handed her the cheerleader uniform for her to put on!


She came back with the uniform on and when she started to do her cheers she had on no panties! This surely didn’t go un-noticed by Richard who was watching her every move!

If Amy was willing to go through her Cheerleader Auditions with no panties on, it must mean that she’d be willing to go all out to get on the team. That must mean she’d surely suck his cock off to get on the team, or perhaps even ride on top of his cock!!!


Check out Cheerleader Auditions to find out exactly how far Amy was willing to go to get on the team!!!!

A Brand New Lesbian

Once they got Claudia in to the closet to strip down, they started to play and grope with her…. Claudia wasn’t sure what this was all about but she was quickly warming up to these two! They sure were cute and looked great in their panties!

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Suddenly they started taking off Claudia’s bra and panties leaving her stark naked! Suddenly it hit her – these two hot chicks weren’t looking to make new friends, they were looking for some quick and easy lesbian sex!

Claudia had never had sex with another women before but she was quickly warming up to it! Both of these chicks were smoking hot and half naked; It was pure pleasure to have two pairs of hands working on her body at once! She can quickly learn to love lesbian sex!

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What’s next for this lesbian threesome? Vibrators? Muff Diving? Strap on Dildos???

Check out Girls Hunting Girls to see the rest!

Extra Sausage Please!

Doug had been working at the pizza place since college – the job market wasn’t what it used to be! His friends laughed at him but he loved his job – the tips wasn’t too bad, he loved pizza, and he got to drive around all day in his little compact car with the radio blaring!

Doug loved working at the Big Sausage Pizza company!

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And the perks….

Most people don’t give this much thought, but when women get lonely and want a little something something and want a quickie with no commitment, they first person they call is the pizza company! Where else can a women order up a well hung dude under the guise of “wanting a pizza”. Sure, she was hungry and wanted the pizza, but if the pizza guy shows up and his half way decent looking, well, pizza isn’t the only thing she’s eating!

Doug knew it the moment Leann opened up the door! She was wearing a short jean skirt and a little top that un-buttoned directly down the middle – and would be quick to come off when the time was right! Leann invited Doug inside the house, and when he opened up the pizza for inspection she got exactly what she was hoping for: Some Big Sausage Pizza with extra sausage!

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Leann was hungry for some cock and she instantly dropped down onto her knees and took the cock into her mouth even though Doug’s cock had a pizza wrapped around it!!!!


Things got moving really quickly when their clothes started to come off! Leann wanted to get fucked and was hoping to get fucked nice and hard; Doug was the young former Marine more than willing to fuck her brains out really hard just how she liked it!

She wanted to get fucked from behind and begged Doug to do it, and he was quick to take care of her needs!

Leann got down on her hands and knees like the little whore that she is and Doug slide his cock right into her pussy from behind!!! Every time he thrusted into her body jumped forward, causing her breasts to move with every push! Once Doug got into it he started to spank her ass which was only turning on Leann more and more!


Think about Doug and Leann the next time you order up some pizza!!!!

Fantasies Of Cum

This is the stuff fantasies are made of – lots of cum when women are swapping it around!!!!


All women love cum… Some just haven’t tasted enough of it yet!!!

Lesbian Shower Fun

Lesbians who live together do nearly everything together… Including showering…. Looks like Brenda is in need of a good shower, and she’s brought her two room mates along with her to help clean her up!

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But once you mix nudity with lesbians – not to mention a shower! – things can get out of hand quickly….. You can’t shower with someone you want to fuck and not get all honry and try to do something about it!

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That’s when this lesbian shower got kinky quickly! They bathed each other a little bit and the touching and rubbing turned each other on and they were all over each other like a flash!

Luckily they were already naked because they were showering together, so the clothes didn’t even need to come off! Suddenly everyone was eating snatch!

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Who’s The Boss?

Carolyn was the recently promoted office manager. Everyone liked her but mostly because she was a treat to the eyes, not because she was now the Big Tit Boss.

When Carlos came to her with a problem she told him what to do, but Carlos wasn’t having any of it. He wasn’t going to listen to her!

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It was going to take some convincing on her part – and that’s where her rack came in nice and handy! All she had to do was show off her rack and Carlos would do anything she told him to do! She’s instantly have her undivided attention!!!

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Carlos couldn’t believe his luck – Was his new boss taking off her shirt? What was she going to do – let him titty fuck her? He was game for anything at this point!!!

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When she bent over the desk and let Carlos take her skirt off, he knew that this was going to be much more than a simple work discussion! He might not be getting his way with his problem, but he was undressing her and down on her knees getting ready to blow him!

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Turns out his Big Tit Boss has some killer cock sucking skills and a great rack! Now he knows exactly how she got to be the boss – she sucked her way right up to the top! With her oral skills it shouldn’t be much of a surprise!!!

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