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Sister’s Friend Tina

Jason had always wanted to fuck his sister’s friend Tina ever since the first time he laid eyes on her…. But back then she was a bit too young so Jason blew it off….. Tina moved away and out of his life, but still keep touch with his sister. One afternoon while no one else was home there was a knock on the door and it was Tina, fresh out of high school, looking for Jason’s sister.

He mentioned that his sister wasn’t home but was staring at her breasts when Tina said “Let’s just fuck and get this over with already so you can get it out of you system”…. Jason was stunned! Yeah, he wanted to fuck her but he had no idea it was going to be this easy…..

Tina pushed past him and into the house and started to take off her clothes….. Jason wasn’t about to say no to his sister’s hot friend!!!! When she started to take off her clothes fantasies that he kept to himself for years suddenly came back up to the top!

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Turns out that Tina had learned a thing or two about sucking cock! It make Jason wonder if Tina learned it from his sister, but he quickly put those thoughts out of his mind!

His sister’s best friend sucked and sucked making his cock nice and hard…. By the time he mounted her from behind this slut was ready to cum!!!!!

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Hot Teen Loves Doggie Style

Nicky is a hot teen who thought she knew it all – It’s funny how much teens think they know everything. And when it comes to sucking cock this dumb blonde thinks she knows it all!

She’s even giving the international sign for “I want to suck your cock”!!!!

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But when that cock comes out to play it was much larger than she had expected!!! This young blonde dumb whore didn’t know what to do with it!!!!

She’ll figure it out……

nicky teen slut1

She took that cock in her pussy doggie style just the way all teen whores like it!!!!

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Slutty Student Whore

Gina had fallen behind in her classwork and the odds of her passing her class…. It was time for her to do something about it!!!! She went to her teacher’s house and was waiting for him in his office when she decided this was her chance – So she started take her clothes off!!!!

teacher fucks hot student1

When her teacher walked in he knew exactly what was going on….. It’s not like this was the first time a student came to him after class offering up favors in order to boost their grades up….

And it turns out Gina was a real good slutty cock sucking whore!!!!

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He loved his teacher job and the added perks – such as hot teen chicks sitting on his cock to get him off to boost their grades!

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Hot Sexy Work Out

Suzie loved to work out….. She loved the naughty gym where she had a membership; It’s where she met Richard – One night late in the locker rooms they ended up getting it on and fucking like rabbits!

This morning Suzie was working out in the back yard and was getting all hot and sweaty when she decided it was time to in and wake up Richard……

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Richard loved being woken up with her lips wrapped around his cock!

What he loved most about Suzie is her blow job skills – No one else at the naughty gym can suck down cock like his young Suzie can!!!!!

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In return Richard made to sure to fuck her brains out once she had gotten him nice and hard!!!!!!

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Josh’s Mom

Josh’s mom was a big breasted woman that all of Josh’s friends wanted to fuck! Josh knew it and thought it was funny…… But what Josh didn’t know is that Joe had been fucking his mom all this time!!!!

His mom was a damn tiger!!!!!

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And it turns out that Josh’s mom is a MILF that an suck cock like it’s no one’s business!!!!

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But if only Josh knew that his sexy mom was sitting high on Joe’s cock he would be surprised!!!!!

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Hot Office Slut

Claudia was this hot chick who worked at the naughty office who had a huge rack – and a burning desire to get ahead quickly! She wasn’t above spreading her legs to get fucked hard once or twice if there was something in it for her….

With a rack like hers, if she walks into the naughty office and offers some up you had better believe there will be some takers!!!!!

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Sure enough it was only a matter of time before she ended up sucking off her new boss…. She wanted to get ahead and sucking cock was like a past time for her…….

sexy office slut3

But he wasn’t looking for a free blow job – He was looking for an office whore that he fuck as often as he liked!!!!

And Claudia was a nice little office slut that fit the bill perfectly!!!!

sexy office slut4

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Hot For Teacher

I would have killed to have a sex teacher like this……

This hot teacher with the huge rack is ready to teach her students a few things that you can’t learn from books….. Because sucking cock is hardly something they teach, although everyone has to do it for their first time sooner or later!!!!!

And this MILF knows just how to do it!

sexy hot teacher1 sexy hot teacher2

But getting that cock is only half of the job this first time sex teacher is showing him…… Now she needs to show him what to do with it!!!!

sexy hot teacher3

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Sister’s Friend Pam

Mike was surprised when his sister’s best friend showed up without calling while his sister was out of town on vacation…. Mike was pretty surprised that his sister had told Pam she would be gone, but Mike quickly figured out that Pam wasn’t here to see his sister – She was here to see him!

And she was going to show him a side of his sister’s best friend that Mike had never seen before!!!!!! She was there showing off for him!!!!

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Turns out his sister’s best friend Pam knew a thing or two about sucking down cock too! Who knew???

Mike always wondered about his sister’s friend and if she knew which end to use, and had always wondered since they graduated high school…… Now he was about to find out first hand! And he was going to enjoy every last moment of having her sucking on his cock!!!!!

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Once his cock was nice and hard it was time to find out if his sister’s best friend was a good fuck or not! He had always wondered, and now having her riding high on his cock he was about to find out!!!!

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Wants To Be Big In Hollywood

Heather was just off the bus and ready to do anything to make her dreams come true! She just had no idea she was sitting on the casting couch already!!!!!

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But she was ready to do anything, and she didn’t even think twice when he told her to start taking off her clothes!!!

She was a willing whore!!!! Willing to anything!!!!!

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At first she had a few problems taking his entire cock in her mouth but she gave it the best shot she could….. She was able to suck him whole!

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Heather made his cock nice and hard – She loved hard cock!!!

When she spread her legs and let him fuck her brains out was when he told her he wasn’t a big time producer…. And that she was being filmed for a website called First Time Auditions!

She didn’t care; She was getting fucked nice and hard just the way she likes it!!!!

sexy slut sucks cock13

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Sexy Classroom Whores

These two naughty bookworms wanted to get ahead in class….. And the quickly decided that the best way to do it was to stay behind after class and give their favorite teacher a nice little show – With his cock between their tongues!!!!

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And this naughty teacher loves to have his cock sucked off by two of his slutty students at the same time!!!!!

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Sure enough after riding high on his pecker these two hot lesbians are sure to see a huge bump in their grades!!!!

sexy school whores7

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