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Bob’s College Threesome

Bob, Tracy, and Amy were all teachers aids at a rather large college. Once afternoon while in the teacher’s lounge Bob had mentioned that he had never had a threesome before with two chicks. Tracy and Amy had been good friends for a long time and had many threesomes together. They both giggled and quickly decided they would be Bob’s first sex teacher and teach him what it was like to have a threesome with two other chicks!

When they got back to their classroom and found it empty, Tracy and Amy started playing with each other and undressing each other. Bob quickly figured out what was going on!

sexy-college threesome2 sexy-college threesome3

While Bob watched Tracy and Amy undress each other and kiss each other, Bob stripped down himself! He was stunned when both of these hotties got down on their knees to suck on his cock! He could tell they had done this before by the way they tag teamed his pecker!

One of them would lick the shaft while the other chick swallowed his dick in her mouth! Yeah, they had done this before all right!

sexy-college threesome4

Bob had already fucked Tracy once, so it was Amy the blonde he wanted to fuck! His dick was rock hard! Watching these two chicks kissing each other and then sucking on his cock was enough to make him drop his load! Amy climbed on top of his and started to ride his cock while Tracy played with his nuts and licked his cock!

Talk about a wild ride!

sexy-college threesome5

Amy and Tracy were thrilled to be Bob’s first real sex teacher!!! And what a great lesson they taught him!!!

Fucking Sara’s Rack

Sara’s after hours high level meeting with three of her partners wasn’t going to well. She was trying to get a proposal passed through. While it meant a lot of money for her if the job went through, they all voted against the idea.

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She really needed this to go through – it would mean a lot more work for her and a lot of money – so she had to pull out of all of the stops. Sara wasn’t above sucking some cock to get what she wanted… It’s not like she hasn’t sucked cock to get ahead in life! She knew that she had to get Josh on her side if her new job idea had any chance of getting approved. Josh was the key.

When they were all getting ready to leave the office she asked Josh to stay behind. She had to have Josh on her side and whipping out his cock and sucking on it was the best way to make sure she got his support!

Imagine Josh’s surprise when she unzipped his fly and went for his cock! He didn’t see this coming!

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She sucked him off and told him she would any anything if he sided with her….. Josh though about it while Sara deep throated his cock!

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I’ll make you a deal” Josh told her. “You say anything I want. I want to tie you up and fuck you from behind – as often as I like.
Then I’ll back you 110%”.

Sara got naked and bent over the desk. Josh took his tie and tightly wrapped it around her hands! He slide his cock inside her from behind while grabbing on to her tightly bound hands!

huge boobs sucks cock6

Sara was no fool – She knew it was her huge rack, her oral skill, and the fact that she let him fuck her hard that got him to see it her way!

Devon’s Huge Breasts

Devon Lee loved having the biggest rack at work in office staffed mostly with rich men who liked to dress in expensive business suits. She also loved the attention she got at work, and she dressed to show off her best asset – her rack!

She had only worked there a month when late one afternoon after almost everyone had left she found a dozen roses on her desk. She knew exactly where they came from!

devon lee big breasted chick workplace sex1

Josh, who technically took orders from Devon, had a thing for her since the first day she started working with him. She felt a little bad about fucking someone who worked for her, but with Jose coming on this strong it was hard for her to say no!

All she needed to do was flash her big titties in his face and she knew that he would do anything to please her!

devon lee big breasted chick workplace sex2 devon lee big breasted chick workplace sex3

No one was in the office and she decided it was time to take this employee by the hand – errr, his cock – and make sure that he worked for her and only for her! Josh already took orders from Devon Lee, but she wanted to make sure that she would always have her back!

It sucks being a woman in the workplace!!!

devon lee big breasted chick workplace sex4

It turns out that Josh was a tit man and was blown away by Devon’s boobies and he knew that it was only a matter of time before he would see them naked and mark his territory!

They ended up fucking on her desk, and every time Josh fucked her and thrust deep into her her boobs bounced up and down which totally turned on Josh!

devon lee big breasted chick workplace sex5

She knew damn well that Josh only wanted her because of her breasts but Devon Lee had long since learned that she needed to use her big breasts to her advantage!!!

Wild & Crazy

Now this is a good sized VIP party!!!! With lots of hot chicks ready to get down and dirty!!!

Must be nice to be In The VIP section!

vip party fuck fest1

It wasn’t too long before clothes started coming off and cocks started coming out too!

Two chicks were really horny – Cameron and Carmen! They were the first ones to get down and dirty, and the first ones to start sucking dick! They weren’t exactly bashful about it either!

vip party fuck fest2 vip party fuck fest3

The also put up on a nice show on top of the bar too!!

vip party fuck fest4

In the room behind the bar they put an a totally different kind of show!!!

vip party fuck fest5

Carmen rode on this cock like she was a champion bull rider and had been a jockey all of her life!!! She sure did love the cock, both sucking and fucking it! But most of all what she liked was riding high on that cock!!!

Whacking Wanda

Mike’s most recent girlfriend / room mate had moved out, and he had some space at Mike’s Apartment. This was exactly when he ran into Wanda. They started chatting and she told Mike that she was new in town, didn’t have any friends, and had no place to stay. Mike told her that he had some space at his place if she didn’t mind sharing a bed with him! Wanda agreed to this arrangement because she had no place else to go – and not enough money for a room at a local cheap motel!

Mike was thrilled because Wanda was great looking and had a huge rack!

fucking wanda02 fucking wanda03

Wanda didn’t waste time. She got up into Mike’s bed and quickly started taking off her clothes. Mike pulled out a camera and took some pictures while Wanda posed for him in her panties with her titties sticking out!

fucking wanda07

Turns out Wanda can make her rent with her tongue alone; Mike had never had a blow job like this before!

Mike also loved it when she looked up at him while he crammed his cock deeper inside of her mouth!

fucking wanda09

Suddenly Wanda pulled away from him and got on the bed on her hands and knees with her legs spread. Mike pulled her panties to the side and stuck his huge monster cock inside of her! Wanda was about to get fucked really hard!

fucking wanda11

Hollie The MILF

Time for the MILF Hunter score again!

He walked by Hollie and had to stop and take a second look! She was sitting there alone looking all sexy – and perhaps a bit bored. Thankfully the MILF Hunter was here to spread some joy and god only knows what else!

The MILF Hunter moved in for the kill, and sat down with her!

hollie hot milf gets fucked2 hollie hot milf gets fucked3

It didn’t take too long before Hollie and the MILF Hunter headed back to her place to liven up her day!!!

MILFs love to suck cock and they’ve been around the block a few times so they knock what they are doing! And Hollie was no exception; This MILF knew her way around a cock!!!

hollie hot milf gets fucked4 hollie hot milf gets fucked5

And she was a wild wild one when it came down to fucking!

Hollie spread her legs and the MILF Hunter fucked right there on the arm of the chair! Talk about a wild fuck!

hollie hot milf gets fucked6

The MILF Hunter sure knows how to pick them!!!

VIP Fun!!!

Looks like it will be a great night In The VIP room! With a limo load of these hotties, all dressed up like hookers, how can you not score? Throw in some booze and your odds are pretty much 100% that you’ll be able to get laid with one of these hot bitches – if not two!

capri mandy vip party01 capri mandy vip party02

capri mandy vip party03 capri mandy vip party04

capri mandy vip party05 capri mandy vip party06

Joey quickly moved in on a chick named Capri – The blonde with the short blue dress. She seemed to like the attention!

capri mandy vip party10 capri mandy vip party11

But then her friend Mandy started to get jealous. Capri had pulled down her top and was showing off her breasts, when Mandy cut right in, pulled down her top, and let Joey fondle her breasts!

Capri wasn’t the jealous type and it’s not like they haven’t had a few threesomes before, so she was all for it!

capri mandy vip party12

Joey brought them both into the back room of the VIP section where he let them both play out their fantasies!

Their clothes started coming off, Joey’s cock came out, and Capri started sucking on his cock!

capri mandy vip party13 capri mandy vip party14

Once Capri got his cock nice and hard it was all set up for Mandy to to sit on his cock and ride it nice and high!

capri mandy vip party16

Yeah, that’s another good night In The VIP!!!!

Sandy Helps Students

Sandy loved being a teacher! It made her the boss and gave her power over all of the men in her class! And when she was horny, it was a simple matter of picking of the students in her class, calling them in for a study session, and making a comment that their grades were horrible – and that she knew how to help them out!

Being as she was cute and perky and always dressed sexy at the school, Sandy never had anyone turn her down!

sandy sexy teacher1

Mike had always been a smart ass in class but now it was time to really teach him a lesson. She was tired of having him act up on class and distracting all of the other student. Today she’d teach him a good lesson – and get off in the process!

sandy sexy teacher3

She made him an offer he couldn’t refuse – She would suck him off and swallow his load if he promised to behave in class. How could Mike say no to this? Maybe it was time for him to turn over a new leaf! He had never had his own sex teacher before!

Once Mike agreed she got down on her knees and pulled Mike’s pecker out! This will teach him a good lesson! She sucked on his cock and deep throated it, moaning the entire time!

sandy sexy teacher4

Monica’s Big Tits

Josh loved his job! He worked for Monica, a big breasted blonde, as her driver and personal assistant. It was easy work. All he had to do was make sure that the fridge was properly stocked, pick up her dry cleaning, and drive her around town usually on shopping trips.

What he loved the most about working for Monica was her huge rack!

savanah-big titties01

However, the money wasn’t that great and it was time for him to move on. He picked her up outside of Nordstrom’s and broke the bad news to her!

savanah-big titties03 savanah-big titties02

She didn’t take the news too well. In fact, she wasn’t having any of it. She asked him what it would take to get him to stay. Josh was on his way out and didn’t care, so he told her he wouldn’t stay even if she sucked on his cock and let him fuck her daily!

Her only reply was “Stop the car”.

Josh stopped the car and got out to open up the door for Monica. When Monica got out of the limo she had her skirt off and her titties sticking out of her bra! She dropped down to her knees and pulled out Josh’s cock! Right there and then she started sucking on it!

savanah-big titties07

And when Monica told him to fuck her, he slide his cock inside her pussy!

savanah-big titties08

Josh loved having a boss with big tits…… He might just stick around for a while!!!

Tiffany Gets Drilled

Tiffany’s Cheerleader Audition went great, but she had to make sure that she would be selected for the college cheerleading team – it had a lot to do with bragging rights and the fact that all the boys on campus wanted to sleep with a cheerleader!

sexy cheerleader audition teen-whore blow job1

Tiffany decided to make it very clear that she was willing to do anything to get on the team, so she spent a good portion of her routine with her ass showing from under her cheerleading skirt, and the fact that she was wearing a thong really helped here!

sexy cheerleader audition teen-whore blow job2 sexy cheerleader audition teen-whore blow job3

He wasn’t getting the message or perhaps he had been here a dozen times before so Tiffany said it flat out – “I’ll suck on your cock and then fuck your brains out if you promise me I’ll make the team”. He got the hint very quickly and told her to get in his car!

Back to his place they went and then it was time for her to back up her words with actions! Tiffany sat on the couch and took out his cock and started to suck him off! Turns out he was already rock hard and Tiffany was having a problem swallowing his entire cock!

sexy cheerleader audition teen-whore blow job5

Suddenly he got very forceful – not in a violent way, but in a way that screamed “I have to fuck you right now because I’m so horny” type of way. He tore the cheerleading outfit off of Tiffany and took off his clothes! Tiffany got on the couch on her knees and begged him to fuck her from behind!

sexy cheerleader audition teen-whore blow job7

Not only did Tiffany’s cheerleader audition go well, but she sealed the deal with his cock in her pussy to ensure she would make the team!