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Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada day to all of our Canadian friends… Here’s our favorite Canadian, Kate Grounds!!!!

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Nice ass!!!

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More Robert & Monica

Remember when Robert showed up at Monica’s place to deliver her Big Sausage Pizza and she opened up the door in this cute little outfit?

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Turns out Monica craved a lot more than sucking cock! She was really good at the sucking cock but what she really wanted to was to be fucked hard – She liked her men forceful!

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Robert had delivered pizza here before and knew exactly how Monica liked it!

They got the couch and Monica got on her hands and knees! Robert spanked her ass a few times just because he could, but mostly because he enjoyed it and knew she would too! Then he started to fuck her just the way she likes to be fucked! He grabbed a hold of her hair and fucked away until they both got off!

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Monica should order up some Big Sausage Pizza more often, if only so Robert can get laid more!!!!

Stacy’s First Time

When Mia saw Stacy on her bike she just knew she had to have her! Luckily she’s known as the Lesbian Teen Hunter!!!

Isn’t Stacy totally hot?

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Mia went up to Stacy who was riding her bike and started talking to her. They talked for like five minutes when Mia asked if she had ever had sex with another woman before. Stacy didn’t know what to say!

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After giving it some thought she decided to go along and try it!

Surely it would be her first time with another chick!!!

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Mia made her feel right at home. Mia was so different than Stacy was, but yet Stacy felt at east with her – even when Mia started to take off Stacy’s shirt!

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At the same time Stacy was getting comfy with the Lesbian Teen Hunter! She was amazed by Mia’s body and her tattoos!

Once they were both naked Mia pulled out a dildo and taught Stacy how to fuck her pussy with it! Stacy had never used a dildo before, so this was all very new to her but she was quickly learning to enjoy it!!!!

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Monica Wants & More

Robert loved his job at the Big Sausage Pizza Company. It was a fun job, feed him well, and kept him busy driving all around town. The money wasn’t that bad, the tips were good, and every now and then he got a nice big surprise when he dropped off a pizza!

Like yesterday, when he dropped off a Big Sausage Pizza for a tall thing brunette with long hair named Monica. Monica wanted more than just pizza, and she made it very clear. In fact, Robert sort of figured out what was going on the moment she opened the door.

It’s not ever day he has a hot woman opening up the door for a pizza delivery wearing not much more than her stockings!!!

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When Robert sat down and Monica opened up the pizza box, well, she wasn’t too surprised – she knew that cock was going to be there sticking up out of the pizza!

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She knew exactly what to do with that cock…. She bent over and took it between her lips and started to suck away!!!!

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And you just know it doesn’t end there! Monica didn’t ring up for pizza because she wanted to blow him – she wanted to get fucked up against the wall!!!

Mary’s Teacher

Don’t you just love Big Tits At School????

Mary was in bit trouble at school with the teacher and she knew it. Her huge rack and the fact that dressed like a whore wasn’t going to get her out of trouble this time! The fact that she made the teacher wait while she chatted it up with her boyfriend didn’t help matters either!

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She couldn’t get suspended; If she did she would get in big trouble with her folks. It was time for her to do what all big breasted slutty whores do when they get into trouble – pull out a cock and start sucking away!

That’s exactly what Mary did! She grabbed Mr. Buss’s cock and started to suck away! He quickly started to forget about why Mary was in trouble as she wrapped her lips around his cock and deep throated him!

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But once Mr. Buss was turned on there was no turning back; Mary was going to have to follow through on fucking her teacher! She stripped down her slutty skirt and bent over his desk and let him fuck her pussy from behind, really hard, while he grabbed and fondled her huge breasts!

Not only was Mary no longer in trouble, she was going to pass this class with flying colors!

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It seems that having big tits at school and being a whore pays off!

One Large Cock!

Susan knew that Teens Like It Big and when she told her girlfriends Donna and Kelly how big her new boyfriend was, they couldn’t believe it!

They had to see it for themselves! So they called up Richard to have him come over and give a demo! Susan didn’t mind to share her big find, and it’s not like these teens haven’t had a threesome before!

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Sure enough, Richard showed up as if on cue – he lived not too far away – and they started to feel up his cock through his jeans! This made him hard as a rock, causing him to want to pull his cock out…. And the girls encouraged this!

They were scared of the size of his cock yet at the same time turned on by it!

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Kelly couldn’t say no! She had to have this huge cock!

She laid down on her back and started to suck on this monster cock! Donna watched for a moment and started to get so turned on that she started to pull down Kelly’s top!

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Then both Kelly and Donna got on their knees and started to suck Richard off! Kelly took the cock in her mouth while Donna licked the shaft!

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While Susan watched, Kelly and Donna stripped off all of the clothes. Donna sat on Richard’s face while he ate her out, and Kelly sat on his cock and took it as deep as she could!

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What started off as a tall tale with Susan talking about the huge cock her boyfriend Richard had, knowing that Teens Like It Big it would lead into a total threesome – with Susan watching!!!

Hot Hot Shit!

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Kacey’s Big Surprise

Kacey Jordan decided it was time to get down and dirty with her boyfriend! Quietly they snuck into her parent’s house past her big brother sleeping on the couch!

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They had to be really quiet so they wouldn’t get caught! (Yeah, good luck!)

When Peter whipped out his peter she was stunned! It’s true that Teens Like It Big but the size of Peter’s cock was fucking huge! She had never had sex with someone hung like him! His cock was bigger than any cock she had ever seen!

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But a girlfriend’s job is to please and she had to do the best she could do! She tried to swallow his cock down but couldn’t take it all! She couldn’t take half of it! Teens Like It Big but this was too big for Kacey!

Once he was hard it was even larger!

She took off her panties and got down on her back and spread her legs like the good little blonde haired girlfriend that she is! He slide his cock right into her pussy! She was afraid it was going to hurt, but it turns out she liked having such a huge cock in her cunt!

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She got off quickly and just about as Peter was to cum he pulled his huge cock out and put in her mouth – or at least tried to because before he could get it in her mouth he came all over her face!

Turns out men with huge cocks shoot out huge loads of cum!!!!

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This was Kacey’s first time with her new boyfriend Peter and his huge cock, but she quickly decided she liked sucking and getting fucked by this huge monster cock! Teens Like It Big!!!

Harder & Harder

What would you do if you showed up for a job interview at someone’s house and discovered your new boss was a Big Tit Boss??? Could you deal with it?

How about Julie?


Keith showed up for his job interview only to discover his new potential boss was a hot blonde with huge fucking knockers. Keith had already decided he wasn’t interested, the money wasn’t enough, but when she made a last ditch effort to get him on board she pulled out her huge knockers!

Keith’s eyes nearly popped out of his head!

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When she pulled the girls out and let them come out to play Keith couldn’t resist and had to play with them!

If this was one of the perks she was talking about, Keith might be willing to change his mind! How can any man turn down such huge knockers!!!


Turns out Julie not only had beautiful long blonde hair, but also had some great talent sucking cock!

She wrapped her lips around his cock like she was determined to get him off long before she spread her legs to let his cock inside of her pussy!

She was very good at what she was doing, that’s for sure!!!


Keith was giving her job offer a second thought as he slide his cock inside of her pussy! He fucked this one nice and hard; He wanted to hear her breasts smacking against her chest!


He fucked her and he fucked her, harder and harder with each thrust, and let loose with it! He let out a yell like a wounded dog as he came into her pussy!

But he’s still considering her job offer….. Working for a Big Tit Boss does have it’s perks!!!

Full Of Cum

Gina was a happy goo looking cute chick with a perky little body and modest breasts. She knew what she had and how to use it to get men and to get what she wanted. She’s been homeless for some time, crashing at different friend’s houses, and sleeping around when she felt like a good old fashion booty call!

When Gina came over to Mike’s Apartment she was looking for a place to stay and little bit more! She’ll gladly put out


When she let Mike take her clothes off and slowly strip her down…. She felt like a piece of meat being man handled and it was totally turning her on! It was making her pussy wet!

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When Mike whipped out his cock and started to titty fuck her she was surprised – he dropped his entire load on her chest and then said “Stay the night and I’ll give you the rest in the morning”. Seems to me like Mike is full of cum!!!