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Dare Or Shot

We found some more pictures of that lesbian drinking game “dare or shot” where you either do a dare or take a shot. It’s a win win type of game for lesbians. Your either doing dares or getting drunk and then doing dares, so you already know how it’s going to end before the game starts….

They started off with teams but both teams quickly ended up wearing nothing more than their bra and panties!

lesbian drinking game06

Finally the dares turned from “take off an article of clothing” to “kiss so and so”, and that’s how the kissing began!

Lesbians making out with other lesbians are who are dress in nothing more than their bra and panties proves to be a fun time for them!

lesbian drinking game07 lesbian drinking game08

lesbian drinking game09

As the game continued more clothes came off, more kissing, touching, and squeezing took place, until they were all naked and rather drunk. The final dare was “use a vibrator to bring Jenni to an orgasm” and while it happened everyone was drunk they all started pulling out sex toys and fucking each other with them!

lesbian drinking game10

Then it was game over and every one was the winner with a vibrator or a dildo burred deep in their pussy!

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Hot Teen Amy

Let’s check in with the Teen Hitch Hiker site and see what’s up with them!!!

Seems Amy’s car broke down and she had a long walk in front of her! Mike just happened by and was more than willing to offer her up a ride – for a price!

hot teen sucks cock gets laid1

Amy didn’t care! If she’ll blow her boyfriend every time he takes her out for dinner she might as well blow this stranger who is giving her a ride! She was really happy he happened along!

hot teen sucks cock gets laid2 hot teen sucks cock gets laid3

When she discovered that Mike was hung like a horse she was thrilled – and quickly offered to go back to his house to fuck his brains out!

Mike wasn’t about to say no!

hot teen sucks cock gets laid4

But Mike couldn’t take her home because his wife was there! So instead the found a quiet area out and public and got their game on! Amy dropped down to her knees and quickly started to suck her off!

Then she got down on her hands and knees and got fucked nice and hard!!!!

hot teen sucks cock gets laid5

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Kinky Easter Egg Hunt

Okay, um, this is odd! Two hot chicks in bunny ears and an Easter Egg basket, complete with bunny ears and a bunny tail, buck ass naked!

I got these from the Money Talks website, which is quickly becoming my favorite website. I love it when hot chicks get naked and do crazy things for such small amounts of cash!


Looks like the the Easter Bunny herself is gonna sneak up behind this one bunny chick and grab her ass – or, if he’s lucky, her boobies!


Once the naked bunny is caught by the big bunny, she gets down on her knees and starts to blow him!

zoe-194 zoe-206

Once he’s nice and hard – bam! – she’s get fucked bunny style from behind!

zoe-231 zoe-235

Those are some crazy ass fantasies that the guys at Money Talks pay for!

And of course there are always women willing to forfill them for a little bit of cash!

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MILF Fucks Hot Teen

Heidi was a hot blonde MILF who was into having sex with hot teen lesbian chicks!

She had been talking to this hot nineteen year old online who’s name was Faye. She described herself as a thin red head with lots of freckles who had never had a sexual relationship with another woman but was dieing to try! Heidi knew she’d wrap this on up quickly!

amateur cougar nails hot redheaded teen1

They arranged for them to meet at Heidi’s house and they hit it off pretty well quickly enough. Faye was everything she described online and very hot. She was wearing a short pair of shorts and has these cute beautiful legs!

Faye was thinking that Heidi looked pretty good for her age and she was all for some lesbian sex with her!

amateur cougar nails hot redheaded teen2 amateur cougar nails hot redheaded teen3

Without much small talk Heidi had Faye lead her into the bedroom where they both sat on her bed. Heidi started kissing her softly, and Faye responded by slipping her tongue into Heidi’s mouth!

Yeah, Heidi was going to eat this young teen alive!

amateur cougar nails hot redheaded teen4

Heidi backed off to start taking off Faye’s top and then it all happened so quickly!

The hot MILF took off all of her clothes and then quickly helped Faye out of hers! She told Faye exactly what to do, where to touch her, and where to lick!

This was going better than Heidi had hoped!

amateur cougar nails hot redheaded teen5 amateur cougar nails hot redheaded teen6

Wait until Heidi starts pulling out the sex toys!

Got to love Cougar Recruits!!!!

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Christina’s Best Blowjob

Christina had heard about Mike’s Apartment but never imagined that she would be in a position where she would need a place to live! Sure enough when it happened to her she felt like it was a job interview. She needed a place to stay and Mike was her best bet.

Christina went all out to please him!

christina craves cock1

Mike was on the bed and pulled out his cock while Christina put on a strip tease for her! When the time came she got down on her knees and started to stroke his cock, giving him the best hand job Christina had ever given!

What a huge cock Mike had – and hard as a rock!

christina craves cock2 christina craves cock3

Christina took off all of her clothes, got down on her knees, and licked on his cock! Christina had a wicked tongue that was almost un-natural and she had discovered a long time ago that she had a special talent for giving head!

This should please Mike and ensure she’ll have a place to stay at Mike’s Apartment!!!

christina craves cock6

Turns out Mike held out longer than she had expected but she had no problem hanging in there until the end, until the moment he came in her mouth!

christina craves cock7

She would have bent over and let Mike fuck him in the ass real hard if that’s what Mike wanted!

Anything he wanted so long as she got to crash at Mike’s Apartment!!!!

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Fucking Paula

Jackie and Tina were out looking for some fresh new lesbian meat and they found exactly what they were looking for when they ran into Paula!

She was a skanky looking chick who was looking to score, horny as could be, and as luck would have it Jackie and Tina were looking to fuck!

girls hunting girls lesbians reality porn1 girls hunting girls lesbians reality porn2

Paula quickly agreed to head over to Jackie’s house to see what they could do with each other…. Which clearly meant sex!

A lesbian threesome would would make Paula’s day right about now!

girls hunting girls lesbians reality porn3

That’s exactly what she got when back at Jackie’s house they all got naked and Paula found herself in the middle of Jackie and Tina!

She was on her hands and knees eating Jackie’s pussy while Tina was eating her out! This was both giving and receiving at the same time!

girls hunting girls lesbians reality porn6

You got to love it when you catch Girls Hunting Girls!!!!

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Another Lesbian Workout

Remember the four hot lesbians who all lived together? I talked about them a few weeks ago…. They were working out in the back yard with their sexy little exercise outfits on when a few innocent touches lead to a full blown lesbian workout of another kind!

sexy workout09

Looks like these four hot lesbians are going to move their workout inside now, half of them topless as they are walking inside!

sexy workout10

Once inside, all hot and sweaty from their workout, their clothes start coming off while they kiss and touch other in a way that only lesbian room mates can do!

sexy workout11 sexy workout12

When the clothes come off…. It’s a double 69 on the bed with four chicks all eating pussy!

sexy workout14

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Drive Through Cock Suckers

Once again the Money Talks website strikes at the very heart of every man’s fantasy, this time at the drive through window trying to get two cute and busty fast food employees to get naked for him. They place a token order, and then offer the chicks some cash to flash them their titties! When these chicks are offered more cash than they make in a day they both jump at the chance to make some extra cash and up comes the shirts and out come the boobies!

drive through whors suck for money1

But this surely isn’t a drive by at the drive in! The Money Talks crew offers up yet even more cash – more than they would normally make in a week – to hop into the back of their van to suck some cock. With a lot of money on the table these two perky chicks make an excuse to leave work and suddenly they are in the back of the van showing off their titties – and taking a cock in their mouths!

drive through whors suck for money2 drive through whors suck for money3

But what the Money Talks people really want is to see both of these two fast food skanks sucking and licking on the same cock at the same time!

Thankfully these two chicks don’t make a whole heck of a lot of money and are thoroughly impressed with what the Money Talks folks are offering them. They suck cock to please their boyfriends, so this isn’t too far off for them – because they love to suck the cock and they have no problems sharing too!

drive through whors suck for money9

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Fucking Hot Teens

Oh how I love the Teen Hitch Hiker website!!!

Paul was just cruising the streets with his buddy when he came across Dana when they stopped to offer her a ride. It turns out that Dana didn’t have a car of her own and did a lot of working… She would be thrilled to get a ride!

sexy teen hitch hiker gets fucked1

What Dana didn’t know is that Paul was going to ask for a little favor if he gave her a ride!

And that favor would be her sucking on his cock! Much to his surprise she was more than willing to wrap her lips around his pride and joy and suck away!

sexy teen hitch hiker gets fucked2 sexy teen hitch hiker gets fucked3

Paul took her back to his house where Dana dropped on her knees and continued sucking on his cock! Seems poor Dana hadn’t had some cock in a long long time and she was craving some hot cock action!

sexy teen hitch hiker gets fucked4

She couldn’t wait for Paul to fuck him!

Paul was already nice and hard from the car ride, and still just as hard with her sucking on his cock again!

Paul bent her over on the couch, grabbed her hair, and fucked away! He fucked her really hard, just the way she likes it!

sexy teen hitch hiker gets fucked5

See what happens when you pick up a teen hitch hiker???

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Lesbian Sauna Sex

How nice it is when hot sexy young women live together! With today’s society you know the odds are very good that all three of these chicks have done other chicks before in the past and love to muff dive! In fact, if you were to check out Pimps Of Porn on a regular basis you might recognize these chicks and you would know that they live together and bang each other on a regular basis!

hot sexy lesbian workout01

The last time they tried to work out together it ended up with the only work out they got was banging each other, so they promised this time around that they would concentrate on their work out and not end up fooling around with each other, the way lesbians tend to do.

Even when the conversation turned to sex and women finger fucking other women, their snatches might have gotten wet but they controlled themselves and didn’t ended up humping each other naked.

hot sexy lesbian workout02 hot sexy lesbian workout03

They took their clothes off and still get their hands off of each other! Jennifer was impressed!

hot sexy lesbian workout05 hot sexy lesbian workout06

Opps! They started talk about their asses, leading to an ass grab…. Nice shot of her snatch there!

hot sexy lesbian workout07

Well, they almost made through the day without fucking each other’s brains out….. They moved over into the sauna before the shower and that’s when it went downhill (which is a great thing for us!). Once Jessica’s towel opened up and exposed her pussy that was it – bam – they were all over each other, finger banging each other and eating pussy!

hot sexy lesbian workout08 hot sexy lesbian workout10

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