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Money Talks On Farm Part 3

Donna and Kelly were cock whores that will do anything for money!

Once they were promised enough money they couldn’t wait to jump all over Richard and his cock!

Donna went first while Kelly fingered her snatch…..

lesbian horseback riders fuck for cash12

Kelly went up next – Richard fucked her while standing up which was a first for Kelly!

lesbian horseback riders fuck for cash13

Then Richard took turns fucking them both doggie style while they were on their hands and knees!

lesbian horseback riders fuck for cash14

Yeah, they loved getting fucked for cash…. All women do!

lesbian horseback riders fuck for cash15

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Sexy MILF Rene

Every now and then the Milf Hunter has got to look at himself in the mirror and say “God, I am so fucking lucky to be able to spend my time fucking these hot MILFS”. He sure is one lucky fucker!

Today he was luckier than most days because he had just met Rene, a hot MILF with an impressive rack! Rene had nice long hair and legs that wouldn’t quit!

He took her out to a nice lunch, they had a few drinks, and when Rene offered to take the Milf Hunter home with her he was all for it. Of course he was; Who wouldn’t?

milf hunter fuckes rene1

Rene had a nice little house and once inside the front door the Milf Hunter made his move!

He got her on the couch and started to take off her top; She had a nice huge round boobies – the Milf Hunter had been waiting to grab both of these titties with his bare hands. Turns out these boobs didn’t need a push up bra or any bra for that matter!

milf hunter fuckes rene2 milf hunter fuckes rene3

Once they were both naked the Milf Hunter stood up and told Rene to suck on his cock. She got down on her knees and grabbed his cock with one hand and plunged it in her mouth!

MILFs know how to suck cock; They love to tease the tip of a pecker and love to run their tongues around the cock once it’s deep inside of their mouths! And of course all MILFS know how to deep throat, and Rene was no exception!

milf hunter fuckes rene4

The Milf Hunter couldn’t believe how lucky he was today! Rene was willing to do anything he wanted as if she hadn’t had any dick in ages!

He got her on the couch on her knees and elbows and rammed his pussy from behind! MILFs know what they like; They like to be fucked hard and fast and deep and Rene knew exactly how he liked it too! Rene must have been a stripper when she was younger because she sure did know how to move!

milf hunter fuckes rene5

When the Milf Hunter came inside of her snatch it was like something he’s never done before – he could feel his cock squirting out the load of cum deep inside of her!

This is one MILF the Milf Hunter might have to call back!

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Mile High Club

Carrie and Cindy loved their private jet and being the boss…. The private jet gave them all of the privacy they needed and got them to join the mile high club!

big breasted sluts mile high club sexy jet5

They always brought along one of their staff members with them on trips – this trip they brought around Jack, who had worked for them for the past year – Jack was always looking for a good time!!!

big breasted sluts mile high club sexy jet6 big breasted sluts mile high club sexy jet7

Of course Jack loves being fucked and sucked by his big breasted bosses!

big breasted sluts mile high club sexy jet8

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Belinda Fucked Hard

Belinda was one of those chicks who grew up in a bad part of town. She learned early on that to get what she wanted she had to put out. She also liked getting fucked nice and hard too!

When opportunity knocked and she found herself hanging out at a club with some guy named Joe who claimed to be a big time Hollywood producer she decided that she would gladly spread her legs on the casting couch for the chance to get out of her crappy little town and to make it in the big time!

When Joe took her home she quickly took off her clothes and got ready to rock his world!

belinda gets fucked1

Joe liked her ass, but when he pulled out his cock she had never seen a cock so damn huge before! She surely wasn’t back on the block playing the boys any more – this was the big time!

belinda gets fucked2 belinda gets fucked3

She grabbed Joe’s cock and sucked it like she was a world class champion cock sucker!!!!

belinda gets fucked4 belinda gets fucked5

When it came time to fuck him she wanted to be fucked fast and hard!

She bent down on his couch on her elbows and knees and spread her legs; Joe slipped his huge cock inside of her pussy! He rode her like he was riding a bull, fucking her harder and harder while her face got slammed into the side of the couch!

belinda gets fucked6

After Joe came inside of her he kicked her out of his place telling her that he didn’t work for a studio…. She didn’t even get cab fare home!

But at least she got fucked nice and hard!!!!

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Money Talks On Farm Part 2

This might get really interesting down on the farm – because Money Talks everywhere.

Naked horseback riding is always hot!

lesbian horseback riders fuck for cash09

Donna and Kelly had some perky breasts and they looked great wearing nothing but their panties….. Once enough cash was handed out both Donna and Kelly dropped down to their knees and started sucking on Richard’s cock!

lesbian horseback riders fuck for cash10

Think these women will fuck Richard for some money too???

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Sexy Private Jet

Carrie and Cindy started their own business six years ago and it’s done them very well… They liked to be their own bosses with their own staff! The perks were great – starting with their own private jet!

big breasted sluts mile high club sexy jet1

But the best part was they knew how to dress – when closing business deals the cleavage helps them to get what they want!

big breasted sluts mile high club sexy jet2 big breasted sluts mile high club sexy jet3

All they need now is one of their staff members to get on the plane to entertain them on this important business trip!

big breasted sluts mile high club sexy jet4

It’s time to join the mile high club!!!

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Lesbian Cook Out 2

Looks like these three aren’t too interested in cooking – and more interested in each other!

lesbian cooks05

Not sure why they aren’t wearing much clothes in the kitchen, but we surely aren’t complaining!

lesbian cooks06 lesbian cooks07

But once they moved it out of the kitchen into the living room the moved over to snatch licking…..

lesbian cooks09

That’s very hot!

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Lesbian Drinking Game

I just found this on We Live Together….. Looks like a lesbian drinking game is about to begin!

lesbian drinking game

Count me in!!!

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Jennie and Julie

So the Money Talks got these two hot runners separated from their pack and offered them the opportunity to make some cash – but only if they can video tape it all and put it on line. These two hot blonde college girls got into their SUV without thinking about it…. Anything for money!

Now that they got them right where they want them, what are they going to do with them?

teen joggers suck for cash07

First they start off with with having them make out with each other…. Jenny and Julie were friends but they had never done anything like this – kissing each other was something they had never considered. However, when offered $100 each to make out with each other they couldn’t wait to stick their tongues down each other’s throats!

teen joggers suck for cash08 teen joggers suck for cash09

But what happens when the Money Talks team offers them up a lot more money?

Suddenly in the back of the SUV tits are out and Julie starts licking Jenny’s breasts!

teen joggers suck for cash12 teen joggers suck for cash11

The cut yellow shorts that they were both wearing – we love it when college girls match! – those came off too and now Julie is get a good close up look at Jennie’s snatch!

teen joggers suck for cash13

I thought maybe the Money Talks peeps would have these two hotties sucking some cock or getting their pussies filled with some hot hard cock, but noooooooooo…. these guys want to see these two college friends kissing and licking each other’s snatches!

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Money Talks On Farms Part 1

The Money Talks crew got bored and hooked up with some friends who knew some chicks who worked at a local farm. With money in hand they headed out to the farm where they met Donna and Kelly.

Donna and Kelly looked mighty hot in their riding pants!

lesbian horseback riders fuck for cash01

lesbian horseback riders fuck for cash02

The boys made their sales pitch and handed out some cash….. Money always talks!

lesbian horseback riders fuck for cash04

A couple of bucks to see them ride around topless on their horses…. Sounds innocent enough, right?

lesbian horseback riders fuck for cash06

Donna looked pretty sexy in her green bar on the horse!

But you know this is going to go much further, don’t you???

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