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Bianca Fucks For Cash!

Bianca had fallen behind on her bills. Between college and working full time she didn’t see how she was going to catch up. She mentioned this to a friend of hers at work and her friend told her about a website called “Fuck For Dollars“. Her friend explained that they pay chicks to fuck them and put it on a website. It was a one time deal and a quick way to raise cash.

Bianca called the next day and later that afternoon she was getting undressed in some stranger’s apartment!

hot whore fucks for cash1

She took off her clothes and started to play with her snatch for Jim, who was taking pictures while she was doing this!

Bianca had never done anything like this before and she wondered if anyone she knew would find out. But at the same time while she was playing with her snatch she was discovering that she was getting really turned on!

hot whore fucks for cash2

With her pussy soaking wet it was time to let Jim fuck her! She laid down on the bed and Jim got behind her, Bianca spread her legs and Jim put his cock inside of her while his friend took pictures and video! Bianca had never fucked on camera before, and surely had never fucked with someone in the room before! Knowing that he was watching was turning her on even more!

hot whore fucks for cash3

Right before she was ready to come she climbed on top of Jim and rode him as if her life depended on it! When she came she screamed out! She might have been getting paid for this but she was enjoying every moment of it!

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Vanessa The Slut

Vanessa was the wild one out of all of her friends. One day she decided to hit the road to see where it take her. She headed south and never looked back. When she got there she discovered she had no money and no place to sleep. Luckily she met Mike in a bar.

If you were Mike would you be willing to let this hot big breasted blonde spend a few nights in you bed and not pay rent?

vaness hot blonde fucked hard2

Being the wild child she was Vanessa got down and freaky with his cock shortly after getting to Mikes Apartment! Turns out she’s the type that likes to lick and tease a cock!

vaness hot blonde fucked hard4

But that’s not to say that Vanessa was a tease with huge breasts – when it came down to it she spread her legs and Mike fuck her nice and hard!!!!

vaness hot blonde fucked hard5

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Money Talks Loud

Imagine being so rich you can have any fantasy for filled on demand, just by pulling out some cash. Like Victor here, who has always wanted to have with a naked female soccer team! He found a bunch of chicks willing to strip down and get body painted, and had them play soccer naked on an indoor soccer field!

sexy naked soccer game1

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But playing wasn’t the only thing he had in mind – He wanted to watch them get it on with each other, and to fuck the living daylights out of him! All of that can be quickly arranged by throwing down some more money!

sexy naked soccer game4 sexy naked soccer game5

Victor had his dream come true and the bitches all got paid – well paid we might add!

sexy naked soccer game6

Money always talks!

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Megan’s Free Ride

Megan was never a bright girl and she had gotten herself into a bad situation – her boyfriend kicked her ass to the curb in the middle of no place and it was a long walk back home. She was thrilled death when a car happened by half an hour later and pulled over.

If you saw this dumb bitch hitch hiking, would you pull over hoping to get lucky?

megan dumb teen reality porn1

Jim surely didn’t drive out of town looking for some chick to pick up hoping to get blown in the back seat of his car but when the opportunity presented itself! The moment she leaned over into his car he knew he was going to be fucking this dumb cunt!

He offered her up a ride but only if she was willing to suck on his cock a bit! Megan just got dumped by her boyfriend and this would be a good start to get back at him! When Mike pulled out his cock she wasn’t sure what to do but ended up sucking away!

megan dumb teen reality porn2 megan dumb teen reality porn3

megan dumb teen reality porn4

He offered her a ride into town to his place. She was so thankful to get out of the cornfield that she decided to suck and fuck him right there on his couch!

megan dumb teen reality porn7

Her cell phone started to go off while he was ramming her from behind. She could see her boyfriend’s number on her cell but couldn’t break off from getting fucked to pick it up!

megan dumb teen reality porn8

What is she going to do!!!

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Wild Child Riley

When Tony got the order in he knew exactly what the “extra sausage” meant, but he was surprised when is said “deliver in back yard”. This might just turn out to be more interesting than your usual pizza delivery stop!

Sure enough, there she was in the back yard – tits ready to burst out of her tight red blouse and a short skirt on with her panties peaking out!

riley gets cock1 riley gets cock2 riley gets cock3

Tony sat down and whipped open the pizza box, exposing his cock! This is just want Riley wanted – this was her “extra sausage“!!!

riley gets cock4

Once Riley got Tony’s cock nice and hard she let him take her from behind so she can fucked super hard and fast – outside too!

riley gets cock5 riley gets cock6

And fucked hard is exactly what Riley got!

riley gets cock7

She didn’t care who saw them fucking or if anyone heard them – She’s a wild screamer when she’s getting fucked!

She’ll be one of Tony’s regular stops!!!!

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Faye Fucking For Cash!

Faye was between a rock and a hard place. She had lost her job last month and hadn’t found a new one – and her bills were coming due. At the very least she needed to make her car payment. One of her friends found an ad online looking for “models”. So she showed up a Fred’s house only to learn that Fred was really looking for someone to fuck, not to really model for her!

Faye needed the money! She didn’t have much of a choice and Fred was offering up more than her car payment! Faye had never fucked for money before, but she didn’t have much of a choice!

faye fucks for dollars1

Fred also wanted to take some pictures and she was fine with this – it’s what she thought she was coming for anyhow!

Fred was in love with Faye! She had this cute ultra tight body and perky little tits that never needed support. Combined with her long red hair and freckles, well, Fred wouldn’t wait to bust a nut inside of her!

faye fucks for dollars2

Once Faye was naked and Fred had enough pictures, he buttoned his jeans and pulled his pecker out. Faye was no stranger to sucking cock and promptly got down on her knees to suck him off!

faye fucks for dollars3

Once Fred’s cock was nice and hard he sat down on the couch and Faye got on top of her. Turns out Fred’s hard cock was a bit longer and wider than she was used to but she rode it like a champion!

faye fucks for dollars4

As Fred was fucking her he pulled out her cash and gave it to her!

faye fucks for dollars5

Fred loves chicks who fuck for dollars!

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Kris Rocks

Kris had no idea what she had gotten into. She got kicked out of her place and needed someplace to say. A friend told her to call Mikes Apartment. Done.

Kris gets nailed hard1

She showed up wearing a blue blouse and a pair of short blue shorts. Kris had perfectly tanned legs and a nice little perky rack that Mike could get into!

When he told her to take off her clothes she wasn’t sure what to do – No one told her the house rules: Put out for Mike or get out! She ended up stripping down for Mike and even modeled off her favorite sexy outfit!

Kris gets nailed hard2 Kris gets nailed hard3 Kris gets nailed hard4 Kris gets nailed hard5

Kris got naked and pulled out a vibrator and went to town on herself. If she was going to give him a show she was going to really deliver!

Kris gets nailed hard7

She spread her legs wide and stuck the vibrator into her snatch – deep!!!! She rocked her own world while Mike watched!

Kris gets nailed hard8

Yeah, Kris can spend a night or two with Mike! She’ll do nicely!!!!

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Dakota Fucks For Dollars

Dakota’s car recently broke down and she needed some quick repair money. She mentioned this to her long time friend Rob, who had always wanted to fuck her. He wanted to fuck her really bad! So he took a shot in the dark and told her that he would pay for her car repairs if she fucked his brains out for an afternoon. She had never thought of having sex with Rob but needed the money!

She was willing to fuck for hard cold cash!

dakota fucks for cash1

She showed up at his apartment ready to fuck but Rob wanted to take pictures of this event. Turns out he’s been want to slip her the hot beef injection for some time now and wanted to remember this event for years to come!

He had her wearing nothing but a thong and high heels, bending over on her knees and elbows… But Rob really want to fuck her like this!

dakota fucks for cash2

After he had taken enough pictures he dove into her on the bed, with her on her elbows! He’s always liked her ass and he want to fuck her from behind!

dakota fucks for cash3

Women are always whores who like money. You pay them money and they’ll fuck your brains out. It’s called “fucking for dollars!”

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Jessie’s Big Sausage Pizza

Jessie knew exactly what she was doing when she ordered her Big Sausage Pizza! She wasn’t hungry, she was horny!

When Jay showed up she made it clear up front she wanted cock, not extra sausage! She met Jay at the front door wearing a short jean shirt and a tight top showing off her breasts! Jay was game for anything with this chick!

jessie reality porn big sausage pizza1

Jay sat down and stuck his cock out and dove into it as if she hadn’t had cock in six months! Turns out this isn’t the first time she’s sucked a cock sticking up out of a pizza!

jessie reality porn big sausage pizza3

Jessie was so horny she couldn’t wait for Jay to get his cock out of the pizza so she fucked him right there, pizza and all!

jessie reality porn big sausage pizza4

Jay has been delivering pizza for a few years now but had never had a customer like this! Turns out his job isn’t that bad after all!

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Tina’s Best Massage

The moment Tina walked in Joe was in love – he always loved thin chicks with long hair. He knew right there and then he had to have her no matter what it costs!

tina massage sucks fucks reality porn1

Joe was a professional spa, not some bath house in the big city. But when he whipped out some cash and asked Tina to get naked, Tina couldn’t say no! She needed the money!

tina massage sucks fucks reality porn4

When Joe offered her a lot more money to get naked and to suck on his cock Tina didn’t have to think about it twice! She stripped down and took his cock right into her mouth!

tina massage sucks fucks reality porn5

She sucked Joe off and then rode on top of him like she was a bull rider. She tried to be quiet about it hoping no one outside in the hall would notice!

tina massage sucks fucks reality porn7

The money will come in handy for Tina and Joe had a blast – He’ll be back again if only to see Tina! Must be nice to have that kind of money to throw around!

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