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MILF Mariah

The Milf Hunter ended up deciding on Mariah, and they found a quiet part of the pool area to start goofing off with each other….

mariah-milf hot party4

mariah-milf hot party5

Once things got too hot for a pool where everyone can watch they moved inside, where they found a room to get it on!

They both strippd down and started off with a little 69 action….


The Milf Hunter was in an adventurous mood that afternoon adn wanted to try something different. Mariah, who’s husband hadn’t put out for her in ages, was willing to try anything to get off with the Milf Hunter!!


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Mike Meets Cindy

Mike met Cindy at a local bar, where she had had a bit too much to drink. She was upset because she needed a place to crash because her boyfriend kicked her out.

Who would kick this woman out into the streets?

cindy dark haired whore1

He took her back to Mikes Apartment and told her she could stay there with him – but only if she put out. She was drunk enough and desperate enough to do it!

cindy dark haired whore2

She didn’t fuck him but she sure did entertain him with a dildo!

cindy dark haired whore3

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MILF Party

The Milf Hunter got invited to a party in Miami and had his friend hook him up with a blind date. Everyone knows he likes the MILFs – hence his nick name – and his friend didn’t let him down. They showed up at the party together…

mariah-milf hot party1

The party was full of hot sexy MILFs, all of them in bikinis. His date Mariah stripped down to her bikini too.

mariah-milf hot party2

But with so many MILFs at this party, which one will the Milf Hunter take home to bang?

mariah-milf hot party3

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Emilee Got Naked

How dare we question the abilty of Milf Hunter to get his MILF to do whatever he wants… MILFs need the loving too!

emilee-hot milf mini skirt4

Once Emilee started playing with her snatch she got all excited and got into it… and then went down on the Milf Hunter!

emilee-hot milf mini skirt5

Once he had enough of the dick sucking he sat her on top of him and let her ride him until he came inside of this hot MILF!

emilee-hot milf mini skirt6

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Checking in with Victoria

Seems like Victoria is doing fine staying at Mikes Apartment!!!

victoria sucks cock4

victoria sucks cock5

And Mike loves how she cleans up her messes after she fucks him silly!

victoria sucks cock6

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Back To Loni

Seems Matthew is enjoying the attention and support he’s getting from Revenge TV – and decided to post up more graphic pictures of his ex-giflfriend Loni was who running around with other dudes…..




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Sandy Meets Mike

One of Mike’s friends is a bartender and called him up with some great news – he had a hot young blonde chick who was new in town and needed a place to crash for a few days. The bartender mentioned he could stay at Mikes Apartment for a few days – as long as she put out!

Mike went down to the bar to meet her. She was a hottie!

victoria sucks cock1

Mike took her over the apartment and got comfy. Victoria was digging into Mike and had no problems fucking his brains out!

victoria sucks cock2

Mike left the room to go to the bathroom and when he returned he was buck ass naked. Victoria gave him a nice hand job!

victoria sucks cock3

We’ll have to catch up with them in a few days and see how it’s going!

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Anything She Wants

What would you do to get a hot blonde chick like this to suck the chrome off of your tailer hitch?

sophie sucks

The answer is simple.

“Anything she wants!”

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Loni = Whore

Matthew met Loni at the local pizza joint where she worked when she wasn’t in community college. They hit it off quckly and started dating, even talked about moving in together. She was great and bed and Matthew was totally into it.


Until Matthew discovered that Loni had a few boyfriends…


That’s how her pictures ended up online at Revenge TV – It was his way at getting back at her!

Post more pictrues of this future porn star Matthew!

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MILF Hunter Meets Emilee

It’s still warm out in Florida and the Milf Hunter – bless his soul – is out on the prowl again!

Looks like this time he’s found himself a winner – Emilee!

emilee-hot milf mini skirt1

The Milf Hunter met her at a local place and quickly got a few drinks in her – and into his SUV!

They managed to get a great upskirt shot of her as she was getting in!

emilee-hot milf mini skirt2

Once getting her back to his place, the Milf Hunter had a difficult time getting her naked. He had to start slowly with asking her to show him her panties…

emilee-hot milf mini skirt3

The Milf Hunter might have met the one MILF he won’t be able to fuck…..

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