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Christmas In Miami

Looks like Captain Stabbing had fun on Christmas Day – taking out a hot red head for a boat ride.



They got drunk there on the boat and then he made his move. She didn’t stop him…. And bam! Suddenly Captain Stabbing is getting some right there on the poop deck!


Naughty Pam

Pam thought she would be with Tim until the end of time. Nice house, white picket fence, kids, the works. It was all working so well until Pam took out Tim’s Mustang – without permission – and wrecked it.


Tim was so pissed he kicked Pam out without a second thought. How dare she?

And remember those pictures you let Tim take of you? Well, he’s really pissed. They are now up on Revenge TV.

Shame on you!


Hopefully this will teach Pam a lesson!

Night Club Blow Job

Has this ever happened to you? Your at a night club, you pick up a chick, and she wants to blow you – right there on the dance floor?

night club blowjob

That’s what we call Hardcore Partying!!!!

Sindy’s Pizza

Ding dong!
Who’s there?
Pizza guy with your big sausage pizza!

You already know whot his is gonna end! It’s Big Sausage Pizza time!!!!

milf sindy blowjob big sausage pizza1

Big breasted blonde Sindy had no idea what she was getting herself into when she ordered the Big Sausage Pizza. She just wanted pizza, not cock on the side. However, eager to eat – hungry she was – she let the pizza guy in without question.

milf sindy blowjob big sausage pizza2

Imagine her surprise when she opened up the pizza!

milf sindy blowjob big sausage pizza3

Sindy was quick to go along with it though – As hungry was she was to eat, it turns out she as hungry for some hot cock too!

milf sindy blowjob big sausage pizza4

Sindy got her pizza and some Big Sausage Pizza to go!

Carla’s Problem Part Two

Back to Carla and her problem at Mikes Apartment. Carla, who recently lost her boyfriend and her place to stay, had decided to stay at Mikes Apartment – but Mike wasn’t sure if she could live up to her end of the deal.

Turns out she loved having her snatch licked!

carla naked4

But Mike wasn’t into that too much. If Carla wanted to crash in his bed she was going to have to pay her way – which started by the sucking of the cock!

Turns out she was very good at it!!!

carla naked5

Carla was into it – and was going to be living at Mikes Apartment. In fact, Carla – who was downon her luck an hour ago – had now find a place to stay and was getting fucked hard from behind!

carla naked6

Seems to us she’ll be enjoying her time at Mikes Apartment!!!!

Micki Owned

Mike and Micki had dated all through high school, and continued on through college even though they lived in different states. Their friends always thought they would get married after college. Micki was a cute girl – Why not?


They weren’t able to get together too often. The last time they did, Mike, now a sophmore in college, took these pix of his girlfriend.


Turns out Micki was fucking his best friend. Guess what?

Mike is pissed – and has lots of pictures of Micki to spread around the internet! You go Mike!!!


So Mike hears about this site called Revenge TV. Armed with hundreds of photos and videos, he turns them all over and preto – now Micki is all over the Internet! How’s that bitch???

Serves you right!


I bet Mike has become a big fan of Revenge TV – and discovered he’s not alone!

Meeting Barbie

Miami is full of hot MILFs who are tried of tried to impress their husbands – and are looking to get fucked hard.

This one bar is the favorite hunting ground for the fabled Milf Hunter. That’s where he met Barbi, this hot blonde with huge knockers. She was wearing a jean skirt and white panties.

A few drinks and Barbi was all ove our boy!

barbi sexy milf1

They flirted and teased and just when the Milf Hunter was about to give up she said “Fuck this, take me to your place”. Bam – Just like that

No more beating around the bush, he got Barbi naked and got busy!

barbi sexy milf2

Turns out Barbi’s needs had been neglected for too long and was more than happy to jump in suck on his cock while he played with her snatch!

barbi sexy milf3

Just before the Milf Hunter was about to drop his load into her mouth, he flipped her around and started poking her from behind – which is how most MILFs like it anyhow!

barbi sexy milf4

When he was done he kicked Barbi out on the street, telling her to go back to her husband. MILFs don’t get to spend the night with the Milf Hunter!!!!